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ESO Wishlist – Thanks for everything so far ZOS

TheElderScrolls13 - ESO Wishlist - Thanks for everything so far ZOS

Here is my wish list for ESO! I’ll go ahead and say the obvious comments like “balancing/stabilizing Cyrodiil,” “give us better servers,” etc are all true and being worked on so I left them out. I’m also not addressing the technical aspects of some of these like creating new weapon draw animation. This is just a fun creative exercise.

Otherwise: let me know what you think!

Weapon & Armor Systems

  1. Let us hide ALL armor pieces as will

  2. New weapons stances: I would love to be able to carry my drawn weapon in a new way (over the shoulder two-handers like giants, lowered weapons when walking for that confident fighter look, drawn staffs used as walking sticks…or actual staffs)

  3. Varieties of fighter stances with all weapons (could be changed by personality) – Assassin Personality could run with weapons held behind them in semi-Naruto run, Swashbuckler could fight in a pseudo-fencer styler, a Berserker Personality holds weapons down by the hips or slashes them around in the air when not actively attacking)

  4. Weapon storage location, dual-wield weapons on the back, on the side, or across the back of the waist

Character Customization

  1. Additional personalities!

Undaunted (Walks around with a sword or axe tossed over the shoulder)

Crone (Taking this one from the Harrowstorm Daily quest giver in Solitude – Old, arms held behind the back, hunched over)

Other Skill line-specific Personalities (Fighter’s Guild, Mages’ Guild, Psijic, etc.)

  1. Hairstyles that have been in the game for years, but you still won’t sell us for some reason

Skill Customization

Pet Skins (For god’s sakes)

  1. Warden (Any animal really – Bears, Wolves, Welwas, Terror Birds, Senches, Spiders, etc.). All of these animals are already in the game and have combat animations – just give them to us already

  2. Sorcerer – Elemental choice for Atronach Ultimate summon, Daedra change to literally anything but Winged Twillight

PVE Executes (similar to DB assassination, but would probably only work for trash mobs; could be very cool if activated on enemies at low health in a similar way to synergies)

  1. Spears – I know these have been suggested so many times, and I’ve often been one of the people doing it, but even as a reskin for Templar skills could work.

  2. Bows into Javelins – Could also reskin bows as a long-range skill to look like the Javelin skills NPCs use. Bow & Arrow quiver could be replaced with javelin backpack and javelins held in-hand in same way a staff is, but functions as a long-range stamina weapon with same animation of bow and arrow (throwing animation aside)

  3. One-hand & Spell/Rune/Tome/symbol of a Daedra or God

  4. Effect Color Changes – Think of Fallen Templars” who could change their Aedric abilities red or black. Healers could change to gold or bright white. Likewise Necromancers could do the same as redeemed death knights

Vampire & Werewolf

  1. Sire system which tracks the number of players you’ve given “the gift” to for achievement furnishings, useable shrines for housing so players don’t ALWAYS have to go to a shrine in the wilderness

  2. Vampire & Werewolf titles tied to number of players we have changed or NPCs we have killed (like Monster Hunter title, but specific to Vamp/WW)

  3. Custom appearance options for our Vampire and Werewolf forms

WW: cosmetic armor pieces which do NOT change gameplay WW, cosmetic appearance options like mangy, fierce, feral, behemoth (smaller), etc. which allow us to pick a WW form that looks more like what our character would look like

Vamp: Let us choose between vampire lord or Bloodknight appearance when in ultimate – again, no gameplay changes


Allow us to have planters where we can plant and harvest plant-life from around Nirn 1x per day – nodes can be affected by player skills

Guild NPCs for homes – Stablemasters, merchants who can repair items, Guild/housing achievement furnishers

I know I’ll think of twenty more things after I post, but oh well!

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