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ESO would benefit from a hunting skill and added difficulty.

TheElderScrolls6 - ESO would benefit from a hunting skill and added difficulty.

So first off I want to say that this isn’t a hate post at all, I have played this game A TON. I love ESO and I always will, having over 2000 hours into it and bought it on two platforms (PS4 and PC) I got a very good 3 or so years out of this amazing MMO. ZOS and Bethesda really has done well with this one and should be proud of it, they have an amazing community that is generous and kind as a whole which is something not often found in the MMO genre. The game is beautiful, they have made PVP really fun with Cyrodiil changes and addition of battle grounds, and they constantly give this game the labor of love feeling.

The reason I quit is that after 2000 hours I sort of ran out of things to do but I haven’t done everything 100% completed. I am maybe about 70% complete overall because my intention was never to complete this games achievements all the way. That being said, I have a few things that in my opinion would help the games longevity.

  1. Make overland content more difficult and engaging.

Okay so once you reach a certain level in the game you can basically mindlessly tear through 99% of overland content with no risk of dying, while hack and slash can be very fun, after a while it does feel repetitive and being able to stand still and have regular overland mobs attack me for 20 – 30 sec and not even dent my health bar when I’m a squishy dps doesn’t feel like there is a consequence to me missing abilities or failed dodges. Possible solutions:

a. Optional difficulty slider? Or hardcore mode for individual toons?

b. Make quest bosses more difficult, or delve bosses more difficult or have an extra mechanic (like pulling a lever on a wall to break bosses shield or something)to engage the player more and make the fights feel more meaningful and immersive

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c. Progressively make areas more difficult the further you advance in the story?


These are just a couple things I can think of that would add a more “endgame” feeling to things. I wouldn’t mind overland mobs being even a bit weaker than the Vet dungeon mobs, but something like Maelstrom Arena would be maybe a bit much. However some of the mechanics like having to cleanse poison or you die or having to stand in the light during maelstrom could be adapted into existing delve bosses and would add that extra layer of immersion and make them feel weighty and satisfying to defeat.

  1. Maybe adding a bounty hunter or slayer like skill line that rewards you for killing delve bosses or giving tasks to kill a set amount of a certain monster. (Kill 100 scamps or kill 25 daedroth, hunt down “delve boss name” and don’t give the player the name of the delve they are in”

Potential Benefits:

a. Could be a way for players to earn pets and mounts by playing in game instead of just using them for the crown store

b. Forces players to explore! And see the beauty of the games environment and gives context and backstory to delves bosses or World bosses and public dungeons

c. Gives an overland task that doesn’t require a que time that is repeatable and sustainable

d. Could be a way to tie in Woodelves rich and natural hunting lore to the game and possibly have bonuses for them based on that?

There are many side quests that hint at this but one quest I remember that gives a good barometer of this that I enjoyed is the quest where you have to help the guys outside of Daggerfall capture the harpies for Lord Diel, when you’re gathering the eggs and in that cliffy area specifically hunting harpies.

Anyways thanks for reading guys if you made it this far, I know this is long but let me know what you think!

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