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ESO Year 1: An Embarrassing Year in Review

TheElderScrolls15 - ESO Year 1: An Embarrassing Year in Review

So as I complete my first full year playing the game, I find myself absolutely hooked and looking back on a bunch of head slappers that I "wish I figured out sooner." Maybe some of my mistakes will help others, who knows? At the very least they give me enough of a chuckle now that I gotta share them:

-it took me at least 2 hours on my first day playing just to orient myself and figure out what was happening – I didn't assign my skill slots until level 10 – I didn't know what a skyshard was until I accidentally found one in the wild – I didn't know that every delve has a skyshard until I finished my first zone – I bought the morrowind and elsweyr DLCs (they were on sale and I liked Skyrim so I figured I'd dig this game too) and must have started a character then walked away for a while because I started in vvardenfell. I thought that leaving the zone would mess up the storyline so I then stayed on Vvardenfell for 3 months and not actually doing the main base game story until 200 CP. – Around level 20, I joined ESO+ free trial 6 days in and accepted a bunch of DLC quest starters. I then got distracted by having a full quest list and lost track of them. After the trial expired the quests stayed in the list and I was never able to figure out how to get them started. Only after I found Quen in an Outlaws Refuge on the NEXT ESO+ free trial did I realize that I had a sizeable amount of DLC quests – I would sneak through public dungeons to complete the quest, but not actually clear the dungeon or get sweet gear until last week – I thought material 'deconstructing' and 'destroying' were the same thing for at least a month – I learned that you don't have to pay to fast travel if you do it from a wayshrine just last month (this one really hurt) – I didn't know that you need to bind your gear in order to add it to your collections until last month – At 500 CP I finally feel comfortable with my quick menu – I bought Greymoor and didn't figure out what scrying was until February


I know there are plenty more but these are the big ones that stand out. All that being said, this game's legit and I'm all in on everything. I got ESO+ and it feels like my eyes have been opened to what this game really has to offer for the first time. Whenever I feel like I finally have the game figured out, there's something new or overlooked or forgotten about. Cheers to one year in the books!

Hail Sithis

Update: it was awesome to wake up to so much traffic on this post. I've definitely read some comments that I can relate to all too well. And thank you everyone for the awards!

I logged on to play today and just found another thing to add to my list: I just now discovered that I can change my build. THAT'S something I REALLY wish I knew sooner!

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