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ESO’s 5th Anniversary Jubliee – Unlocking ALL the Dailies

TheElderScrolls7 - ESO's 5th Anniversary Jubliee - Unlocking ALL the Dailies

For ESO's 5th Anniversary, we have five weeks to do ALL the the Dailies.

The Anniversary Event Runs from April 4th to May 9th, 10 AM EDT. More Info here:
55981 - ESO's 5th Anniversary Jubliee - Unlocking ALL the Dailies

Week 1 April 4-10th (The Prophet): Crafting Writs
Week 2 April 11- 17th (Lyris Titanborn): Delve & World Boss Dailies, now including Undaunted delves!
Week 3 April 18-24th (Abnur Tharn): Cyrodiil Town dailies, all Board missions, the Cyrodiil dailies, the Battlegrounds dailies, and Imperial City dailies.
Week 4 April 25-May 1st (Sai Sahan): Undaunted Pledges and Trial Weekly quests
Week 5 May 2 – 9th (All Companions): All daily quests in the game, offering all four Companions' outfit styles (According to the PTS testing, Week Five boxes do drop ALL Companion styles, regardless of the type of quest.)

That's A LOT of Dailies. Even with the 50 Daily Quest Limit.

And while we do have the excellent Skordo the Knife's Adventurer's Almanac
1st edition,
Online:Adventurer%27s Almanac, 2nd Edition - ESO's 5th Anniversary Jubliee - Unlocking ALL the Dailies
2nd Edition, and
Online:Adventurer%27s Almanac, 3rd Edition - ESO's 5th Anniversary Jubliee - Unlocking ALL the Dailies
3rd Edition to guide us…its a little short on the nitty-gritty details of how exactly you go about unlocking all the dailies in the game.

That's where this guide aims to pull in all the information needed to unlock all the dailies. It may be updated as needed (or if I've forgotten something 📷 ), particularly as ZOS has hinted at new Elsweyr dailies – See the 3rd Adventurer's Almanac for all the known details. I'm also posting this well in advance of ESO's anniversary on April 4th because some of these dailies take some questing to unlock.

A few reference points about locations:

Starter Zones/Cities: These refer to the areas where players can first pick up their quests and join guilds. Vivec City, Morrowind and Alinor, Summerset are available to anyone who owns the Morrowind DLC or Summerset Chapter, respectively. For the other alliances: Vulkhel Guard, Auridon for the Aldmeri Dominon. Davon's Watch, Stonefalls for the Ebonheart Pact. Daggerfall, Glenumbra for the Daggerfall Covenant.

Alliance Capitals: These refer to the capital of each alliance, as these are often a hub for dailies. Mournhold, Deshaan for the Ebonheart Pact. Elden Root, Grahtwood for the Aldmeri Dominion. Wayrest, Stormhaven for the Daggerfall Covenant.

With One Tamriel, players can go anywhere and do anything, but certain quests retained coding that required players to join guilds in their own alliance's starting city. Some of that may have changed in succeeding updates, but if you can't seem to join a guild, try doing it in the zones owned by your alliance.

Major Hints for getting More Rewards
In years past, we've been able to complete the dailies the day before the event started and turn them once the event started and still pick up the dailies for the new day. Now, there's no guarantee that this will still work this year, but if it does, this is an easy way to get some extra reward boxes
Also, many of the daily quests are SHAREABLE, especially delve, World Boss, and PVP mission board quests. If you are looking for a group or just want to do more than one of those quests per day, share them with your group!

The Dailies

Crafting Writs
To do Crafting Writs, your characters needs to be at least Level 6 and certified in the craft you want to do writs for. All levels of Crafting Writs will count for the Jubilee boxes.

Certification Process:
You can find the trainers or accept the quest from the Writ boards to find them. Trainers are located in Daggerfall, Glenumbra; Davon's Watch, Stonefalls; Vulkhel Guard, Auridon; Vivec City, Morrowind; and Alinor, Summerset. The Jewelry Certification only happens in Alinor (so far) as Summerset ownership is required to do jewelry crafting.

  • Millenith is found near the Fighters Guild, certifying Blacksmithing, Clothing, and Woodworking.
  • Danel Telleno is found near the Mages Guild, certifying Provisioning, Alchemy, and Enchanting.
  • Felarian is found near the Crafting Stations in Alinor, certifying Jewelry crafting.

Each certification will have you do a brief quest which can be skipped if you have some experience in that craft already. Sections of the quests that require you to collect materials can also be skipped if you already have those materials in your inventory, bank or Crafting Bag.

Tips for Crafting Writs:
Provisioning Mats and Recipes are often much cheaper in Guild Stores. However, all of the leveled recipes needed for your current crafting writs will also be sold by NPC Chefs and Brewers, eliminating the need for searching through guild stores.

Fighters' Guild Dailies
1. Join the Fighters Guild in one of the starter zones.
2. Talk to Cardea Gallius to accept a Fighters Guild Daily to close 3 Dark Anchors in a random zone. She can be found in the Fighter's Guild halls in the Alliance Capital Cities.
Note: According to PTS testing, these DO NOT count as "Delve" dailies.

Mages Guild Dailies
1.. Join the Mages Guild in one of the starter zones.
2. Talk to Alvur Baren to accept a Mages Guild quest to recover the Mad God's relics from a random public dungeon group boss. He can be found in the Mages Guild halls in the Alliance Capital Cities.
Note: According to PTS testing, these DO NOT count as "Delve" dailies.

Undaunted Delve & Pledge Dailies
1. Find the group of Undaunted getting drunk in a tavern in your starter city. In Vulkhel Guard, Turuk Redclaws can be found upstairs in the Salted Wings Tavern. In the city of Daggerfall, Mighty Mordra can be found downstairs in The Rosy Lion. In Davon's Watch, Kailstig the Axe can be found sitting just inside The Fish Stink.
2. The recruiter will send you to a group dungeon. You do not have to complete the group dungeon. Merely stepping inside and walking back out the door will be sufficient to complete this stage of the quest.
3. Return to the questgiver to be initiated into the Undaunted. Undaunted!

Undaunted Pledges ask you to clear out a Group Dungeons. Using the Groupfinder or forming your own group of four is highly recommended.
At level 45, you will get a mail inviting you to come to the Enclave. If you have accepted the quest from this mail, you may not have to join up with the Undaunted in the quest described above in order to sign up for the pledges. Either way, talk to Maj al-Ragath at the Undaunted Enclave in the Alliance Capital Cities to sign up and unlock the pledges.

Maj al-Ragath and Glirion the Redbeard have all of the base game dungeon pledges.
Urgarlag Chief-bane has the DLC dungeon pledges.


  • Normal Dungeon Pledges become available at level 45.
  • Veteran Dungeon Pledges become available at level 50.
  • If using Groupfinder, all Normal Dungeons will be available. Some Veteran Dungeons have CP requirements. Vet City of Ash II and Vet Crypt of Hearts II require CP 160. Vet DLC dungeons require CP 300. You can still manually travel to any dungeon regardless of your level or CP.

If you are uncertain, wary, or worried about doing group content like Dungeons, here's a guide I've written for the Undaunted Events that focuses on different ways to run group dungeons, the basics of each role in a group, and gives tips for new players:
how to have fun and make friends during the undaunted celebration nov 29 dec 5 - ESO's 5th Anniversary Jubliee - Unlocking ALL the Dailies

How to Have Fun and Make Friends During the Undaunted Celebration

After you have joined the Undaunted, talk to Bolgrul at the Undaunted Enclave in the Alliance Captial Cities.
He will task you with killing or obtaining items from a random delve and killing its boss.
Tip: Delve quests can be shared with group members, so you can complete multiple delve quests in a day beyond the one that you obtain.
Note: According to PTS testing, these DO NOT count as "Delve" dailies. As of the official announcement article, these DO count as Delve Dailies!

Craglorn Dailies
Craglorn has lots of daily quests. Be advised that because Craglorn used to be an adventure zone, many of the daily quests advise that you tackle them with a group. Ask in zone chat or guild chat if you need back-up.

Upper Cragorn

  • The Truer Fangs – in the Caravan Company Despot inn in Dragonstar, speak to Safa al-Satakalaam and kill her former acolytes.
  • The Gray Passge – in Dragonstar, on the balcony of the Caravan Company Despot, read the book "The Gray Passage". Visit the Gray Menhir to start it. This will start a two hour timer in which you must visit 6 prayer stones. Tips and locations:
  • Iron and Scales – near the Valley of Scars Wayshrine, speak to the wounded orc Lashburr Tooth-Breaker and avenge his honor.
  • Taken Alive – near the Valley of Scars Wayshrine, speak to Scattered-Leaves and discover the fate of the missing guards.
  • Souls of the Betrayed – At Skyreach Catacombs, help Crusader Dalamar defeat a necromancer.
  • The Blood of Nirn – near the bridge to Skyreach Hold, Nendirume will ask you to investigate the cult who's taken over Skyreach Hold.
  • Uncaged – outside Skyreach pinnacle, help Mederic Vyger restore the wards.

Lower Cragorn

  • Critical Mass – outside the giant stone obelisk at the Spellscar, find Sara Benele and agree to help her out.
  • The Fallen City of Shada – Enter Shada's Tear and help Sali'ma
  • The Reason We Fight – Investigate the western part of Shada's Tear and help Nhalan.
  • Waters Run Foul – In the city wing of Shada's Tear, help Ralai solve puzzles.
  • The Seeker's Archive – At the Seeker's Archive, help Ibrula get inside.
  • Supreme Power – At Elinhir, go to the sewer entrace and help Minerva save the city.
  • The Trials of Rahni'Za – at Rahni'Za, talk to Fada at-Glina and complete the 5 trials.

Gold Coast Dailies
Delves – The Bounty Board in Anvil offers a daily quest for one of the two delves: Hrota Cave and Garlas Agea.
Note: They DO count on the Live version. According to PTS testing, these DO NOT count as "Delve" dailies.

World Bosses – The Bounty Board in Kvatch offers a daily quest for one of the two World Bosses: Kvatch Arena and Tribune's Folly
Hint: all bounties are shareable. The World Bosses are best tackled in a group.

Dark Brotherhood Dailies
Black Sacraments are unlocked by reaching Dark Brotherhood Rank 2 and completing the quest “A Lesson in Silence”
1. Speak to Amelia Crowe in any Outlaws Refuge about the Dark Brotherhood
2. Draw the attention of the Dark Brotherhood by murdering an innocent in Anvil, then meet Speaker Terenus
3. Quest: "Signed in Blood" to assassinate your first victim for the Brotherhood
4. Quest: "Welcome Home" to meet everyone at the Sanctuary
5. Quest: "A Lesson in Silence" to kill the Grand Sermonizer
6. If you need more reputation to unlock rank 2, complete Black Book quests. Hint: the quests where you kill 3 random targets gives more reputation gain that the quests to kill a single target.

Thieves Guild Dailies
Heists are unlocked by reaching Thieves Guild Rank 3 and completing the quest “The Long Game"
1. Unlock the Thieves Guild by speaking to Quen in any Outlaws Refuge Quest: "Partners in Crime
2. Travel to the Thieves Guild, talk to Zeira and do the quest "Cleaning House"
3. The next quest requires rank 3 with the Thieves Guild, so you may have to gain reputation through side quests or Tip Board quests first.
4. Talk to Zeira to complete "The Long Game"
5. A note from Velsa on the Tip Board or speaking to Velsa outside the Den will start "Master of Heists" which will unlock the Thieves Guild Heists.

Hew's Bane Dailies
Rye's Reacquisitions – recover lost items from delves and world bosses in Hew's Bane
1. Unlock the Thieves Guild by speaking to Quen in any Outlaws Refuge and helping her on her first thieving run.
2. Travel to the Thieves Guild Den in Hew's Bane.
3. Speak to Spencer Rye in the Den to start the dailies.


Wrothgar Dailies
To travel to Wrothgar, find Stuga near the wayshrine in a Starter City. Rather, Stuga will find you. "DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I"VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU?!"

Delves – Delve quests are offered by Guruzug, found in the Morkul Stronghold.
Some Wrothgar delves have pre-requisite quests before you'll receive their daily quest:
Watcher's Hold, requiring "Broken Promises" received from a letter inside Watcher's Hold
Zthenganaz, requiring "A Unexpected Fall" at Zthenganaz, and "Tinker Trouble" near Grudge Rock Falls.

World Bosses – World Boss Quests are offered by Arzurag, found in Skalar's Hostel just outside of Orsinium.
Tips: Wrothgar World Bosses require groups to tackle. Zone chat is good for gathering players LFG if you offer to share the quest. Others can share quests with you, enabling you to complete more than one world boss daily, up to 6 total.

Vvardenfell Dailies
There are two different types of bounties to unlock in Vvardenfell.

Hall of Justice Dailies (World Bosses & Delves)
1. Travel to Seyda Neen and complete the first Vvardenfell Main Quest "Divine Conundrum"
2. Meet with Vivec in Vivec City
3. Read the "Adventurers Wanted" note posted around Vivec City to get the quest "A Call For Aid". Go to the Hall of Justice and speak to Unel Darano to unlock the questgivers in the Hall of Justice.
Hint: these quests are shareable and the World Bosses are best handled with a group.

Ashlander Dailies (Hunting Trophies and Finding Relics)
1. Travel to Ald'ruhn and speak to the quest-giver Drelyth Hleran to begin "Ancestral Ties"
2. Speak to Udami in the Urshilaku Camp to begin "Ashlander Relations" which will unlock the questgivers.

Clockwork City Dailies
Requirements: Enter the Brass Fortress
1. Complete the quest "To the Clockwork City" by meeting Divayth Fyr near Mournhold or accepting the quest from your Collections menu
2. Complete the quest "In Search of a Sponsor" to gain access to the Brass Fortress to unlock the following two dailies.

World Bosses – Speak to the Clockwork Facilitator to defeat one of CWC's two world bosses.
Tarnished – Speak to Razgurug to help out the residents of Slag Town

Requirements: You must do the quest in the delve before the daily unlocks, provided by Novice Holli.
Halls of Regulation: repair machinery in "The Halls of Regulation"
Shadow Cleft: find a missing Apostle in "The Shadow Cleft"

Blackfeather Court
The Bursar of Tributes offers dailies for gathering stolen items or monster parts.
Requirements: You need to continue on in the Clockwork City Main Quest
Following after "To the Clockwork City and "In Search of a Sponsor"
1. Talk to Divayth Fyr in the Chancel of Records to begin "The Strangeness of Seht"
2. Talk to Varuni Arvel in the Clockwork Basilica to begin "Deepening Shadows"
3. Talk to Varuni Arvel in the Clockwork Basilica to begin investigating crows for "Lost in the Gloam" which will unlock the Bursar of Tributes as a daily quest giver.
Hint: These items can be collected ahead of time and turned in to automatically complete the daily. Both stolen and laundered goods worked for me during the CWC event.

Summerset Dailies
World Bosses – Speak to Justiciar Farowel in Rimmawen's Plaza in Alinor
Delves – Speak to Justiciar Tanorian in Rimmawen's Plaza in Alinor

Abyssal Geysers
1. Do Summerset's Main Quest until you report to Proxy Queen Alwinarwe following "Buried Memories" as part of "The Tower Sentinels"

  • "The Queen's Decree" – meet with Razum-dar outside Shimmerene
  • "A Pearl of Great Price" – continue your investigation
  • "Buried Memories"
  1. Speak to Battlereeve Tanerline or her squire Bayenor in Alinor to begin the quest "The Abyssal Cabal". She apparently does not appear until you have completed "Buried Memories".
  2. Complete the quest at the Public Dungeon in Karnwasten and collect report pages at Welenkin Cove, returning to Battlereeve Tanerline.
  3. Now located in the Plaza of the Hand, Battlereeve Tanerline will offer a daily to destroy 3 Abyssal Geysers

Murkmire Dailies
Cyrodiilic Collections (Murkmire Prologue)
1. Speak to Concordia Mercius in one of the Starter Cities to begin the quest "Ruthless Competition"
2. Speak to Concordia Mercius in Stormhold to begin the quest "The Cursed Skull" which will unlock the Cyrodiilic Collection dailies.

World Bosses – Speak to Bolu in Lilmoth
Delves – Speak to Varo Hosidias in Lilmoth

Tuwul in Root-Whisper Village offers daily quests, following completion of the Murkmire Main Quest after the quest "By River and Root"
Prerequisite quests:

  • "Sunken Treasure"
  • "Missing in Murkmire"
  • "Whispers in the Wood"
  • "Death and Dreaming"
  • "The Swamp and the Serpent"
  • "The Remnant of Argon"
  • "By River and Root"

Elsweyr Dailies
We don't know too much about these yet, outside of the 3rd Adventurer's Almanac. There, Skordo the Knife tells us:
"Finally, there're tusking Dragons raging across Elsweyr. If you're just getting this news from me, get out from under the rock you call home and get to work! The Northern Elsweyr Defense Force is recruiting any help they can get for their war effort against the scaly ***. They've got people stationed in Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, and Vulkhel Guard.
Now I ain't heard much more than rumors about Dragon hunting, but you can bet there's someone out there itching to bag a Dragon and willing to offer a reward. Personally, you couldn't pay me enough to tangle with one of those flying murder-lizards—though you're welcome to try."

Accept and complete the Elsweyr Prologue quest from the Crown Store item or by talking to Anais Davaux near the Impresario's tent outside your starter city.

Then Zahiri, who sets up camp near Abnur Tharn's camp at the Grahtwood entrance to Elsweyr, will offer you dailies from the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force.

PVP Cyrodiil Dailies
Enter Cyrodiil and either do the introductory quest or speak to your Grand Warlord to skip it. Hint: if you aren't familiar with how traveling works in Cyrodiil, the quest is useful.
Select the dailies from Bounty Boards in one of your Alliance Bases or speak to the Grand Warlord about capturing/recovering an Elder Scroll
Battle Missions – capture a specific enemy resource
Bounty Missions – kill 20 players of enemy or kill 20 players
Warfront Missions – capture a specific enemy keep
Elder Scroll – recover a specific elder scroll (only requires you to have the quest active when the scroll is places in its temple or a home keep, however, once the scroll is in transit, you can only get the quest by sharing it with someone else as your Grand Warlord will no longer offer it)
Conquest Missions – capture all 3 towns; capture 3 different keeps; capture 9 different resources; kill 40 enemy players
(According to PTS testing, Scouting Missions DO NOT count as Dailies – they are endlessly repeatable.)

Known bug: The Conquest Mission "Kill 40 Enemy Players" does not properly give credit when playing with a group. For quickest completion, play solo.
Hints: This guide by
Joy Division - ESO's 5th Anniversary Jubliee - Unlocking ALL the Dailies

@Joy_Division is a fantastic introduction to PVP in Cyrodiil: Joy's 2018 Advice for the Midyear Mayhem Event

Cyrodiil Town Dailies
These dailies are found in: Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol & Weynon Priory, Cropsford, and Vlastarus.

Hints: All of Cyrodiil is a PVP-enabled zone. There is no way to guarantee that other players will not fight you if they find you. I wrote the following guide for Midyear Mayhem players who dislike actually fighting other players and you may find that advice useful, particularly if you are looking for which PVP quests are easy to do without actually having to kill other players yourself: Midyear Mayhem Advice for No-PVP Pacifists

Fighters Guild Bounty Quests
Unlock the "Bounty Hunter" skill in your Fighters Guild skill line
Talk to the Fighters Guild representative in your Alliance Base in Cyrodiil to start the daily.
Note: While this takes place in Cyrodiil and has the same risk of PVP as any other quest in Cyrodiil, it has not counted as a PVP quest for Midyear Mayhem in past events. This might have an impact on whether it can be done during Week 3 or just is Week 5.

Imperial City Dailies
1. Travel to the Imperial City. (Currently, travel to Cyrodiil through the Alliance War tab, and from there, to the Imperial City Sewer Entrances. Subject to change with Elsweyr.)
2. Speak to the Drake of Blades in your Alliance's home base to begin the Imperial City Questline.
3. Once you complete the Imperial City questline, 6 daily quests unlock in each of the districts. The Questgiver will be at your Alliance Rally Point in the District when you leave your Alliance Sewer Base via ladder.
Additionally, you can complete the Alliance War Daily Quests like "Kill 20 Enemy Nightblades" in the Imperial City.

Tips: Expect the risk of PVP in a PVP-enabled zone. Sigils of Imperial Retreat can be purchased for AP from vendors in your sewer base that will allow you to return to your base without risking further fights after you complete the daily quest.

PVP Battlegrounds Dailies
Travel to the Gladiator's Quarters in any of the Starter Cities, Vivec City, or outside Alinor, and speak to Battlemaster Rivyn to start the quest "For Glory!" where you will play a Battlegrounds match. This unlocks the following dailies:
"Let the Games Begin" – queue for and complete 5 Battlegrounds matches, win or lose
"Test of Mettle" – complete Battleground matches until you earned at least 1000 medal points
"To the Victor" – complete Battleground matches until you've won 3 of them

Trial Weekly Quests
Trials (12-player content)

  • Craglorn – Hel Ra Citadel, "Assaulting the Citadel"
  • Craglorn – Aetherian Archive, "The Mage's Tower"
  • Craglorn – Sanctum Ophidia, "The Oldest Ghost"
  • Hew's Bane – Maw of Lorkhaj, "Into the Maw"
  • Vvardenfell – Halls of Fabrication, "Forging the Future"
  • Clockwork City – Asylum Sanctorium, "Saints' Mercy"
  • Summerset – Cloudrest, "Woe of the Welkynars"

Whew, that's a lot of dailies! I don't know about the rest of you but I'm definitely going to pick and choose which dailies I really want to do so I'm not completely burned out on ESO after FIVE WEEKS OF DAILIES!!!

If you do want to fill your allotment of 50 daily quests per day during that last week, I hope this Guide for Unlocking ALL the Dailies helps.

Week 1 Prep: Get your alts certified and gather your crafting mats!
Week 2 Prep: Unlock Delve and World Boss Dailies in: Wrothgar, Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, Summerset, and Murkmire AND Gold Coast, and the Undaunted Delves
Week 3 Prep: Head to Cyrodiil, Battlegrounds, or the Imperial City with your PVP gear or your stealth potions
Week 4 Prep: Unlock the Undaunted pledges and gear our your characters to be tanks, healers, or damage dealers
Week 5 Prep: All of the above, plus more! You can run up to 50 dailies every day, so unlock any extra dailies you want access to and have fun!

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