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ESO’s community has blown WoW’s community out of the water in my honest opinion.

TheElderScrolls9 - ESO's community has blown WoW's community out of the water in my honest opinion.

I just wanted to make this post to give thanks to all the very kind and good hearted people that have brought some happiness back into my life.

I have been a hardcore WoW player for a while now and the straight toxicity that festers in that game has nothing on ESO's community of kind hearted people.

Maybe some of you don't know how bad it is so let me give you a little comparison.

I'm going to use a term called IO a few times and let me explain what that is.

Your "IO" is basically a credit report on your runs in competitive level (mythic) dungeons that accumulates or depreciates based off of how well your group runs a dungeon, how fast they time it, and if it is completed, and completed on time. This IO is ran by a third party software (addon) and in most cases if you try to get into a group without having raider IO installed , you will be immediately declined, preventing you from obtaining endgame gear.

In WoW when you join a guild you are expected to bring a whole resume worth of achievements and IO with you if you want any chance at getting a slot in a mythic group or a raid. If you do get into a guild that is pushing raid and you don't have these prerequisites more times than none you are either sat out and prevented from getting any gear or you are robbed of your gear via loot council and it is given to whoever the guild leader deems worthy.

WoW is plagued by people who will only sell you runs, most of the looking for group is filled with well geared players who will only run with their specific group or offer to sell you a run for an unreasonable amount of gold . Two types of people have high IO in wow, those who earned it through drudging for months in a guild with an open slot, and those who bought runs from the guild of drudgers.


I had a group of friends that I was playing WoW with and because of the toxicity of most players in that game we were almost never able to run a raid or high level dungeons together . Almost every time we tried to get into a raid together we were declined because people will not accept more than one person into a dungeon or raid. This resulted in all of us individually needing to grind our IO up separately and join separate guilds just so we could keep up with gearing each week before reset.

No one was interested in helping someone figure out the mechanics of a fight, no one wanted you in their group if you didn't have all of the possible consumables or a high enough IO. You didn't run last season? Goodluck finding a group!

Since I've started taking ESO seriously everyone has been 100% helpful and has asked nothing in return but "Enjoy the game, have fun." I have had people craft me fully enchanted sets of leveling gear, I've been gifted multiple expensive recipes and cosmetics, whenever a learning curve happens and I need to adjust my gameplay I get actual advice, not "you're wasting my time, I'm going to blacklist you, get gud scrub." Basically around every corner someone is trying to help you enjoy the game, but in WoW it was around every corner someone is trying to get one over on you or hold you back so they show up one slot higher on the server ratings.

I'm so glad to have cured my cancer that was world of warcraft and came to an a mmo that isn't filled to the brim with elitest sweatlords that just want to take a dump on you because of some ego complex.

I look forward to continuing my journey and passing on the kindness that I have been shown to any future new players.

If you play WoW and you are tired of losing your hairline to prove yourself , come play ESO , the people here are different, and you don't have to be an entitled ass or a thief to get by like you did in WoW.

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