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Ever notice a direct overlap in the rudest group members also contributing the least?

TheElderScrolls12 - Ever notice a direct overlap in the rudest group members also contributing the least?

Just a quick little story. Not really a rant. In fact, there's no payoff so just be warned about that.

I just did a PUG for BC2 vet. Tank and one DPS were both 810. Healer was 700, other dps was 300. So, the whole run it was apparent that DPS was weak, but hey, it's cool. It's a bit of a DPS check final boss, but we didn't die/wipe once on the way there, so maybe it will be ok.

Well, it wasn't. DPS was WAY sub par, and we did wipe to final boss. It was agonizingly long. I think we were at about 14 or 16 adds when we finally couldn't hold it any longer and died.

Thing was, it was the weak DPS that started talking shit. Tank was clearly holding aggro on like 10+ daedroth. cp810 DPS was parsingly like 60% of the group dps. But healer was parsing 15-20% of group dps, which means the other dps, the one talking shit, was doing roughly 20% of the group dps. Not super great.

So tank left after 2 wipes and we get a new tank. Same problems, and the dps starts talking shit in group about how the new tank can't hold aggro. Eventually we gave up and ported to FG1 to just get the random credit and move on with life. Don't worry, the DPS still managed to make cracks about "this fucking group," as he lovingly called us, even in FG1.


I share this story because, we did NOT kick him. We did not fight back or engage. We left the shitty comment floating in the ether. I made sure to message the relief tank, who was both capable and nice btw, that they did not suck and the other guy was actually the problem.

There's nothing IMMEDIATELY wrong with parsing 20% of the group dps when you're still learning your dps. Sure, it sucks that a guy with no business queueing vet was in our group, but that's how you learn.

What DID suck was that he felt the need to have an attitude, and vocally try to put others down. That wouldn't have been cool even if he was pulling his weight, which he squarely wasn't.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you're out there reading this, and this is you or has been you in the past; try not to be a dick. This game has one of the best communities out there. I can't think of many other games were that guy wouldn't have just gotten the boot. But no one even bothered to vote on him. Just keep in mind if you're going to be a twat, just because no one said anything to you, doesn't mean everyone isn't VERY aware who the real problem is. You'll only get better if you can start admitting you aren't as solid and try to address it your own self, not blame others.

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