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Everybody gangsta until you tank Depths of Malatar

TheElderScrolls5 - Everybody gangsta until you tank Depths of Malatar

Usually in my tank series I write only about those DLC dungeons that gave me a really hard time. By far I wrote about Bloodroot Forge ( and Frostvault ( However before beating those dungeons I already tanked some other vet DLC such as: White Gold Tower, Imperial City Prison, Cradle of Shadows and Falkreath Hold. Those were fairly easy (except the second boss in ICP) and there was nothing for me to write about. And today after I beat Depths of Malatar at the first try I thought it was one of those «easy» dungeons. But then something happened that made me change my mind.

Dungeon experience

After successfully tanking Frostvault my next target was DoM. As always before doing anything I watched Xynode’s guide multiple times. (Btw shoutout to Xynode’s Gaming – really cool dude and he makes probably the best guides out there) After doing that I asked for help in guild chats and 3 guys from my 3 different guild joined me 🙂

Not much to say about the dungeon, we were slaying through it pretty strong. The only struggle I had as a tank was the Watchers. Those dudes are no joke. One heavy attack with no block and it’s a oneshot. Holding tons of them in the sphere boss fight was hard too and fun at the same time. Btw I was alive the whole time. So I guess it’s a nice tanking training.

In fact after first 3 bosses I was asking my group mates if we are on vet or not, because I legit wasn’t sure. I expected it to be much harder.

Before the last boss dungeon was going for us like a breeze. Symphony of Blades wasn’t hard too (vet, but non HM). We died 5-6 times only because I was noobing and forgetting about the «wall». Then boss oneshoted me a couple of times in the second phase, and I’m still not sure if it was heavy attack or AOE.

Anyway, we completed DoM and all of us were happy. Also guys gave me Frozen Watcher set and now I finally have it. And as a Warden I can say that it’s a blessing 🙂

Operation "Cuirass"

Although I haven’t tried it yet. And you know why? Because I have full armor set but don’t have a cuirass. Of course, I also have a ring so I can mix it and it’s still a 5 piece set. But no, I wanted that sweet sweet Frozen Watcher cuirass…

And here is the part after which I changed my mind about writing this post.


As you can guess by now, I wanted that cuirass really bad and I decided to pug.


And after that it didn’t take me long to understand the whole situation. My first group, those guys with whom I beat the dungeon for the first try were really amazing players. Not that I got carried or so, not at all, but their DPS was through the roof. They burned first 3 bosses and all of the dungeons adds like it was nothing. Maybe I exaggerated a little bit, but their damage was very decent.

And then after I pugged and our group changed a couple of DDs and eventually everybody except me and healer left, I was feeling that DPS difference a lot. I’m not saying they were bad and I was good. I’d say they were pretty solid and most f out tries I was keeping all adds and boss aggroed and most of the times died last. However their DPS wasn’t the best and they all keep dying on AOEs. Maybe I was positioning boss the wrong way but I don’t think so. Btw I’m talking about the second boss of course, flying lady. We wiped there and didn’t progress further.

What I've learned

So my point is – every dungeon can be very hard and pretty easy depending on what group you have. It’s obvious but it was the first time I really felt that. So I guess that dungeon isn't «that easy» after all. I just had a really great group. Lately I’ve been very lucky on that 🙂

And one more thing that I want to say. Actually, low(ish) DPS isn’t a problem. For example, in Frostvault we didn’t have god-tier DPS, but we eventually beat it. It’s a bit cheesy, but we beat it only because we were working as a team and didn’t give up. If you have some more or less decent DPS you can do it that way too. Or you can do it with good DPS. But you can never do it if your teammates are give a shit about a dungeon or each other.

Thank you to my group, y’all are awesome!

And thank you ESO mates for reading this, I appreciate your support on my tanking series.

I know for someone it’s nothing special, but for me my Warden Tank and his adventures are the greatest achievements in this game so far and I’m proud of it. I was playing ESO for 2-3 years now and only since 2020 I really feel like I’m getting good and having actual fun playing it. Making a tank and falling in love with this role really changed it for me.

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