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Everybody gangsta until you tank Moon Hunter Keep

TheElderScrolls3 - Everybody gangsta until you tank Moon Hunter Keep

Ruins of Mazzatun

After DoM I tanked Ruins of Mazzatun. It was pretty easy and the only trouble we had was the last boss. For some time we were dying a lot because no one was doing mechanics and we changed a couple of group members along that fight. Eventually we beat that dungeon. After that I helped to tank last boss one more time and if you know mechs and everyone’s doing their part, it’s not hard at all. Still don’t have heavy Chudan helm though.

Scalecaller Peak

Then I decided to go to SCP. All of my attempts with pugs was horrible, because 99% of the time we were wiping at the first boss and the other 1% people left after losing once to gargoyle boss (btw some of them were my guildies).

As usual, when it’s more or less hard content for average players it’s only possible to beat with your guild mates. So I asked for help and we entered the dungeon.

Tbh I’m not in that “oh boy, I’m gonna write interesting stuff” mood right now, so sorry about that, I’ll just go strait to the point.

I had awesome team and we beat that dungeon after a while. Of course we were dying here and there but if we’re not talking HM, this dungeon was not that hard as I thought. If you know mechanics, if you’re doing it and if you have great team – you’re good. Some dungeons are more harder than others, but that one wasn’t one of them. Only Ogres in the beginning and Scalecaller in the end were challenging, the rest of the dungeon was very nice and smooth. Also we cheesed the matriarch. Anyway, I liked that dungeon a lot. Love winter locations in general. With a decent group it’s a pleasure to play.

It was a couple of days ago so my memories aren’t that fresh and emotions aren’t that strong. So that’s pretty much it. Oh, and after we beat that dungeon healer said that I’m a good tank and added me as a friend. Very nice 🙂

Moon Hunter Keep

The reason why I’m feeling down today.


Seriously. It’s the hardest dungeon by far. Harder than FV, Bloodroot, SCP, DoM. I’m not talking HM. March of Sacrifices, Fang Lair, Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok – I haven’t done those yet, so maybe MHK isn’t the hardest, but for now it is.

I don’t know how many hours I wasted on that hell but strangely enough it took me one try.

At first I pugged. We were fighting first boss and after no one was enterrupting him and I died I was angry and was writing in group chat “interrupt the boss”, but after I sent that I discovered that the boss is dead. My group burned him.

Next boss was easy and then we came to crazy enraging werewolf boss, don’t remember her name. It was a struggle. As a tank I didn’t quite know who do I need to taunt, adds, boss, watchers, how do I position myself and so on. Also seemed like my group was overburning the boss so we were overwhelmed with adds all the time. We were dying for quite a while and eventually we ended up 3-manning the boss because one dude left after he got killed in the fight. Then 2 guy died. At that moment boss had like 100K HP or something. One dude in group said that I need to kite boss on watchers AOEs and I was doing that, running like a chicken with a million of adds around me and the boss after me. Then 3 guy died and it was only me – the tank – who was alive. Thank God, to that moment boss had really low HP, like 20-10K or even less I don’t remember, I think less. She was taking damage from something (adds’ AOE or my dead group mate’s AOE?) and I was trying to hit her with some tank zero DPS shit. Then she killed me and a moment later she died herself. At that moment we had 2 members in our group because the other guy left as well.

Before going to the next boss I managed to get a good healer (she was DD from my FV post) from one of my guilds and also 1 random DD joined us.


«And now for something completely different».

It was a literal gaming hell. The wipefest that world has never seen before. We were there for an hour or maybe more trying to at least not die. Some guy from the party said that problem was the tank (Me. Because I was dying. Of fkn course I was dying from million adds) and also it was clear that our DDs (one didn’t know mechanics as we figured it out later and the other had low DPS) were not that good.

After a long time we kicked DDs (sorry guys) and 2 god-tier DDs joined us. One of them was the guy who said that problem was in me. After a couple of tries we beat that boss and at our final try our group died at the same time with a boss like it was some time ago with that crazy werewolf boss. Then we beat final boss on the 2 or 3 try (non HM).

That dungeon and that experience made me think about some stuff. Was the problem really in me or was it in 2 DDs with low DPS who didn’t do mechanics? Is it bad that after all group is dead I wasn’t able to stay alive and revive some of them? Ngl healer was helping me really hard so does it mean that I wouldn’t be able to survive on my own? Maybe I’m not as good at tanking as I thought I was. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Did I got carried on last 2 bosses? Is that counts as carry? I don’t know actually. My team was really high-tier but I wasn’t dying either (or is it because of a healer?) and was kinda doing tank job, at least at some degree.

After beating MHK we talked for a while. Guy was giving me some advices about tanking and wasn’t harsh to me or anything, but when he said earlier that I shouldn’t be dead and should be able to stay alive much longer and without a big healer help – that stuff kinda hurt me a little. Also he said that MHK isn’t that hard and there’s content much harder. And also that 1,5 month of tanking is enough to try tanking vet trials. Ouch. Also he said that it would be much nicer if I had trials sets so I think soon there will be time for me to go to the (normal) trials.

I’m trying to not whine a lot, but that experience wasn’t the best I had. Maybe he wasn’t right at some points or maybe I’m not as good as I think.

I’m interested what do you think about that?

If it adds something to the story (maybe there is something wrong wrong with it Idk).

PS4. Nord Warden.

Akaviri + Ebon / Plague / Leeching + 1 piece Lord Warden 1 piece Chudan or full Lord Warden (don’t have heavy shoulder yet). Gold weapons + 2 armor pieces, other purple, 1 ring blue.

Jewelry on mag recovery.

Atronach mundus. 1.7 (1.9 buffed) mag recovery, hp and stam don’t remember, not high.

16K mag, 40K+ health, 20K stam.

Using trash mag and stam pots for now. Right food.

  1. Pierce Armor | Heroic Slash | Polar Wind | Betty Netch | flex – Defensive Stance, Swarm, Meditation, Shimmering Shield, Deceptive Predator | Shield Ult
  2. Blockade | Leeching Vines | Ice Fortress | Silver Leash | Inner Rage | Horn

CP 500+. All standard. Low tenacity, low tumbling. All blue into blessed, elfborn and the rest into thaumaturge.

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