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EVERYTHING about Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood

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There was some big missconceptions 'bout reveal that was explained in todays IGN interview with Richard Lambert(Lead creative director of Zenimax) so i decided to gather everything that we know 'bout new expansion in one post.

NEW Expansion called Blackwood arrives June 1 for PC/MAC and Stadia, June 8 for consoles:
NEW map between Cyrodill and Shadowfen with two important towns coming back from previous Elder Scrolls games Leyawiin(from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion) and Gideon(from Elder Scrolls: Arena). New area is a mix between Argonian swamps and green Cyrodill highlands.
– we will be able to find deadlands(omage to TES IV: Oblivion)
– there will be another variation 'bout dolmens(dark anchors) called oblivion portals where we'll be fighitng forces of Mehrunes Dagon
– story will be builded around Dagon and his cult
NEW system – companions – we will be able to bring and NPC to fight alongside us. You'll have to end quests to aquaire them and on the start of the expansions there'll be 2 of them(Imperial man called Bastion and Dunmer woman which doesn't have a name for now) with their own personalities(you will be able to build you relations with them to unlock certain benefits, keep in mind that different character will like/disslike different things ) and quests(more with better relations). Those companions we'll be able to take one of 3 roles that we will pick for them(dps/healer/tank). They'll use skills and equipment that we'll pick for 'em. To not break immersion with everyone running around with same companions they'll have basic NPC model for other ppl. Every one of those NPCs is aimed to have their own personality IMPORTANT NOTE: Companions won't be usable in PvP at all. In dungeons and trials they'll be only usable as a filling role if your group lacks 4ppl for dungeon or 12 for trials(they won't be balanced for those content so they wouldn't be able to stand harder normals or veterans). They are mostly there for solo play since changes in champion points will probably make overland a bit harder. You can compare companions to bots that you character could use in Diablo 3 when you weren't in group.
Champion Points 2.0 – rebuiled system. Devs wanted players to be more specific(instead of beeing strong in everything) so you'll have passives like right now and new actives that you'll have to pick only some of them(your lvl will unlock more). NEW soft cap changed from 810 to 1200. Which means that on 1200 you'll be able to have all the passives and active slots equiped(4 red, 4 blue, 4 green). Overall cap we'll be on lvl 3600. Lvls from 1200 to 3600 won't build up your strenght but instead will let you to unlock more actives to swap.
– everything will be timed 800 years before TES: Arena
NEW trial
NEW tutorial which will let ppl chose where they wanna start
NEW servers to help in fight aganist latency
NEW armour system


BEFORE Blackwood we will get dlc which will start the story with dungeons. It'll be called Flames of Ambition and we'll be playable on march 8 for PC and march 16 for consoles.

AFTER Blackwood we will get another dlc that'll continue our story. It'll be called Deadlands and 'll hit ESO in fourth quarter of this year. In between Blackwood and Deadland in Q3 there will be one small DLC with dungeons(not names yet).

You can preorder Blackwood to get additional things after premiere:
– Dremora Kynreeve Outfit

– Deadlands Wamasu Pet

– Iron Atronach Crate

– 3× Blackwood Treasure Maps

– 2× Experience Scrolls
And those things right of the bat:
– Nagahide Welwa Ravager mount

– Nightmare Bear Cub pet
IMPORTANT NOTE: Nightmare Bear Cub pet is avaliable ONLY till March 17, 2021

If you'll chose to buy collectors eddition you'll additionally get those things at launch of Blackwood:
Battlefield Nightmare Senche mount

– Jewel-Feathered Sep Adder pet

– Temporal Grimoire memento

– Deadlands Gladiator Outfit Style

– Offer Weapon emote

If i forgot 'bout smth or made mistake pls tell me in the comments(english is not my first language so i might made some loan translations or just mistakes).

I haven't included prices since they may warry on different platforms and countries.

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