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Exalt card re-balance ideas

TheElderScrolls15 - Exalt card re-balance ideas

This has probably been done before but I felt like doing this for awhile now.

With these changes I don't wan't to change the way exalt works just change the cards into what I would thing is more fun and interesting to play with, make cards that are not good to bad less not good to bad, accentuate the fact that these cards can be played with or without the exalt effect and keep to themes of groups of cards like the pilgrims and the gods.

  • The Pilgrims (Vivec/Clockwork/Mournhold) – reduce exalt from 3 down to 2. The body's of these cards is mediocre for their cost when not exalted and too little for the cost when exalted. This changes it from being awful when exalted. I would say there may be concern from the Vivec pilgrim being a bit too good as a 4 cost 4/4 with drain but I would like to keep the theme of the pilgrims and in a world where Golden initiate exists I don't think it would be too strong a card. also R.I.P. Auridon paladin.
  • Ghostgate Defender – reduce exalt from 3 to 2. Good cost to stats ratio poor body overall being eaten by 3/2's, 2/3's plus anything bigger and the 3 cost for a Firebolt effect is possibly too steep. I have minor concerns that this card may become around auto include tier due to the being removal with a body but I think the body is weak enough to be run over by anything played from turn 2 onward.
  • Poetic Armiger – Exalt 1: Gain the keywords of another creature. The card currently is a Redoran Enforcer or a bad 3 drop. This will change it so it can be a Redoran Enforcer or a 3 drop with an interesting effect. Still might not be a good card but the ability of gaining several keywords on this and being able to control what they are would be a neat and interesting effect. Also keyword RNG bad.
  • Temple Conjurer – 2 cost 3/2 exalt 4 summon a flame atronach. While the buff in the past has made the card better and the inclusion of alfiq conjurer made it an auto include it is only ever played on 5 due to the non exalted body being so bad so currently it might as well be a 5 cost with a summon effect. This change makes the non exalted variant playable keeping the theme of being playable at two points in the game. I chose a 3/2 over a 2/3 so it doesn't become too good if more exalt trigger cards like Temple Patriarch are added.
  • Enamor's Keeper – reduce exalt from 4 to 3? I'm not sure about this and the card may be fine as it is now. The problem is that a 7 cost 9/3 is really bad but an Heirloom Greatsword can keep a control opponent under pressure constantly but can be countered with silence and is awkward to have in your deck. I think decks having the ability to keep control under pressure without resource extension would be a good thing for the game but i'm worried about going a bit too far with this change so maybe the card right now is fine.
  • Sotha Sil – No change. Its good.
  • Grand Inquisitor – Move the destroy a creature from the summon to the exalt. Moving the destroy a creature effect to the exalt on this card rather than having a stat buff could be better because 1.stat buff exalt effects are boring 2.having exalt trigger cards be able to do more than just add stats would make those cards more interesting to play. I don't know the details of how to implement this e.g. 3 cost 3/4 exalt 2 or something so this is more a general idea of a change. The downside with this idea is that the card is no longer destroy a weak minion or destroy a large minion card which the card currently does but is bad at. Not moving the destroy a creature effect I would maybe make it a 3/2 or a 5 cost 3/3 exalt 3. Or maybe the card is good enough as is and just needs the right deck with attack buffs to make the summon not awful.
  • Light of the Three – from 5 cost to 4, exalt cost from 2 to 3. Similar problem as to what Temple conjurer has, not enough stats for its non-exalted body.
  • Vivec – No change. Its fine.
  • Prophet of Bones – reduce exalt from 5 to 4. The exalt is a good defensive effect and a good token effect it's just a bit too expensive. Might become a strictly better imperial reinforcements or too strong a slow down tool but I think that it might fine because.
  • Almalexia's Disciple – It could be good in its current state it just needs a good number of solid damaged bodies on board but due to the power of removal it is hard to get solid bodies to stick. The problem isn't the card it's the support.
  • Indomitable Ordinator – +1 health. I think this is a really good design and an interesting avenue to explore more potential exalt cards. Having a situational effect and being able to turn it on or not is perfect for more potential exalt cards. The current problem with the card is is that a 5 cost 5/5 guard is not powerful enough for the cost. Adding 1 health would make it another Phalanx exemplar but I think that is fine.
  • Almalexia – No change. The power of this card is dependent on the other cards that it supports. If more high stat exalt cards are added this card may become good. Or maybe not.
  • Saryoni – No change. Already auto include.
  • Temple Patriarch – Similar thing to Almalexia just needs cards to support.
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A shame nothing like this will be done to the game but I had fun posting my thoughts. Discuss what I proposed and and add your own ideas.

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