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Excuse me but how is Oblivion better than Skyrim?

TheElderScrolls7 - Excuse me but how is Oblivion better than Skyrim?

I have over 200 hours in Skyrim, not much compared to a lot of other players but I think it's decent enough. I thought it would be stupid not to try Oblivion since I liked Skyrim so much and a lot of people were saying Oblivion is even better. It turned out Oblivion is a fine game, but it just can't be better than Skyrim if you aren't just nostalgic for it. I haven't played it very much, that might be the problem. I only closed my first Oblivion gate and released the city. But I'll just say about what I've experienced so far. Of course, the graphics can't be compared since Oblivion is an older game. But the graphics don't really matter for me, or at least I think they don't. Oblivion's detail of the environment is just inferior to Skyrim. I traveled a pretty long distance through the map and it just felt boring. There is no life, everything just seems so faded. One little bear and one wolf attacked me through my entire walk, while in Skyrim everything just boils with life. On my first walk to Whiterun from Riverwood I already got lost. About the combat, I don't think I have much to say. Skyrim is just better. The dual welding is so much better. And the spells…I usually like to use a lot of magic in games and I was mainly a mage in Skyrim. Now that I came to Oblivion, I found out that you can't even use them as your main weapon, magic only being something additional. In Skyrim you really feel like you are into the fight, it's way more immersive. Now there is the map. I didn't really play that much to have all the knowledge about it, but using the map is just so more satisfying in Skyrim. You get to see it way better and the design of it is just cooler. Oblivion doesn't display the health of your enemy also, which I find very unpractical. The story…..I'm sorry but how is getting out of prison giving more interest that being attacked by a dragon and escaping. I have to admit, I still haven't played the story of Oblivion, but what I say is that it doesn't catch the player's attention in the beginning.

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