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Extremely disappointed

TheElderScrolls12 - Extremely disappointed

I am a long time TESL player. I have collected every card either by getting them trough gold I earned or buying them with the money I worked for. I have completed every Story. I have reached the top 200 of Legend rank. I have created over 300 decks, brought new players to the game. Played every deck style, every combination, be it competitive or meme. Basically beat the game.

I have always liked experimenting with cards. I have been creating dumb stuff left and right. I was so damn excited when TESL finally introduced tri-colour decks. The inspiration of trying out new combos, combining new cards with old cards, is what makes me love card games. But true freedom of creation is not here yet, 5 colour combinations still remains locked away from us.

There was nothing left for me to do other then endure the 1 year long content drought, because I had faith in Bethesda that they won't let this game die out.

I was patient during the switch of developers to Sparkypants. Most of Reddit was in flames, extremely toxic about the whole thing. I was positive though, Sparkypants delivered. The game was finally being fixed and starting to grow once again. I have never seen such dedication towards the game like the 1 SparkyDeckard gave us. Things finally started to look good. I was happy that I stayed as a TESL player.

It was too good to be true though.

The bored players, the bad players, the frustrated players all started spamming reddit with low effort crying posts. Be it either hating on control decks(in aggro meta), hating on tri-colour decks. While the toxic and annoying posts are only a small vocal minority of the players, Sparkypants in their dedication is trying to reshape the game to please these players as well. You can never please everyone. There will always be someone who won't agree with something.

Still we finally got a nice surprise. A roadmap promising 4 card based expansions this year and the rest of the 5 tri-colour decks are usable. Having over 50 deck idea already, I was super excited for all the new cards we will be getting. I was glad that the rest of the tri-colours were finally added, to be honest they should have been added when the first tri-colours arrived.

There were some posts that were complaining about too many expansions, even though each expansion will be around 100 cards instead of big 150-200 card expansions. Which would result about the same number of cards if we had only 2 big expansions. Complaint about too much expansion after a year of content drought. I can't describe how much I'm disappointed in community as a human being for that kind of thinking. Almost as if they were driven mad by Sheogorath himself.


I have been enjoying the new expansion card reveals and can't wait until the 15th to play with them.

Today I heard something that I did not wanted to hear during the stream in my favourite card game.

Rotations will be introduced by next year.

The feeling of disappointment I feel is unmeasurable. I have collected every card either by getting them trough playing the game (gold) or buying them with the money I worked for in 12 hour shifts.

After all the support, time , money I have invested into this game. My collection will be taken away and deck creation freedom will be limited. I have started playing TESL, because it had no rotations.

Rotations are the scummiest, most vile, evil, bastard business practice a card game could introduce. Instead of actually balancing the game either by nerfing/buffing existing cards, we are being robbed of enjoyment.

What is the point of collecting new cards if you decide to take it away? Why should I buy anything if it won't be useable?

Why would anyone spend money on a game they will not be able to play? If enough bad players posts complaint posts will deck styles be removed from the game for months/year?

I refuse to buy anything until we actually get assured that our money is not thrown out of the window!!!!!!

Once rotations are actually introduced to the game, I will leave this game and so will many others including other paying customers. You can't just take away something that was paid for in time or real money.

What about new players who collected cards for months and suddenly they are at zero? Rotation is only good for showing the middle finger to anyone who supported this game.

I don't care if my post gets downvoted for stating the truth.

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