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F2P is turning out to be more fun than high laddering

TheElderScrolls12 - F2P is turning out to be more fun than high laddering

I've been smurfing a f2p account since Friday I think. I want to how long it takes me to go from the free starter deck to a full Tier 1 version with no substitute cards, with no hard dusting half the rest of my collection. (Kind of like when u/warriors7 streamed it.)

So far, it is an absolute blast. It's been really cool so far to work within the constraints of someone who can't just buy premium packs and all three acts of a story whenever they feel like it. I've only dusted trash legendaries and epics and am getting close to a decent version of Aggro Warrior, albeit with werewolves instead of some of the tier 1 cards right now. The only epics I've crafted are Sowers and I haven't got any big Twitch drops.

I've only been doing it since Friday so I haven't started laddering (had to do tutorial and the early quests), but there's no reason it couldn't do well at low-to-mid-rank (idk if I'm good enough to high ladder with what I've got now). So far, fatigue and salt have not set in, although there are obviously epic, legendary, and story cards I would really really like to have. I'm reminding myself that if I grind 300 gems a day, then I can craft a playset of an epic every 4 days.


If you've been playing forever and are jaded on having a full collection of literally everything you'd ever want to play, and are bored with the same content and meta, I highly recommend trying it. It's surprising how fast you can start turning a decent starter into a reasonably competitive ladder deck, and it's more fun (for me) to go back and work with just the basic stuff that anyone on poverty mode would have.

(It is a pain in the ass not to be able to log into a different account on mobile, so if you're on mobile you'll have to use an alternate device for the smurf account)

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