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Failed: Talk to Sapphire about Shadr’s debt

TheElderScrolls14 - Failed: Talk to Sapphire about Shadr's debt

Preface this to anyone who doesn't understand that this is 99% a shitpost: I know this isn't how you're supposed to complete the quest, but it just works.

So on my nth playthrough I decide to become the Thane of Riften. I'm at the part where I help the people of the hold until the quest objective to speak to the Jarl pops up. So off I go being a goody two shoes because another settlement needs our help and all that.

I decide to help Shadr out of his debt to Sapphire. I tell her it's obviously a scam and proceed to fail both speech checks until I'm just left with the bribe option.

But it was just something about her smug attitude. I've been avoiding the Thieves Guild like the plague and yet she acts like she's hot shit and there's nothing I can do but pay up. Well, I've decided that she's not getting a single septim out of me. Just because I failed the speech check doesn't mean I was kidding when I said "pay up or else".

"Or what? I have the entire Thieves Guild backing me up. What have you got?" My fist.

I punch Sapphire right in her smug face. Surprisingly, I don't get a bounty and no one seems to care. No one except Brynjolf.

For those of you who haven't had the displeasure of dealing with an angry Brynjolf before, he is Barbas levels of unkillable (as in, he just doesn't take damage from anything). That isn't an exaggeration. He's not your typical essential npc that goes down on a knee for a few seconds; he just never goes down because he just never takes damage.


I run outside the Bee and Barb and Maul is now chasing my ass down trying to cosplay as somebody intimidating. Mjoll decides to intervene and fucking DECAPITATES Sapphire with Grimsever and sends her head rolling into the canal. I r to loot all from her corpse and tea bag it repeatedly as I spam healing magic to survive Brynjolf's dagger swarm. Ingun Blackbriar decides to help me out since I got her those alchemy ingredients before. Brynjolf does the only lore-friendly thing possible and shanks her in front of Honorhall Orphanage.

This is what does it. No one fucks with the Blackbriars, not even the unkillable Brynjolf. Maul immediately switches sides as EVERYONE in Riften dog-piles this annoying quest-giver. The odds are long and impossible, but Brynjolf has the power of Todd Howard and Emil Pagliarulo on his side. He is so determined to be able to give me Thieves Guild Quests that he singled handedly slaughters every other NPC in Riften and the Ragged Flagon (who were hostile to both him and me for some reason — probably for killing Ingun).

Anyways, my game is unplayable now since this idiot will hound me to the ends of the earth. I will definitely have to reload to progress. Does anyone know what the speech level requirement is to persuade/intimidate Sapphire? Because there is still no way in hell I'm paying her shit.

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