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False Patchnotes 6.3x “The Server Fix”

TheElderScrolls5 - False Patchnotes 6.3x "The Server Fix"

This patch will primarily address the conclusion of the server latency issues that we have been working on for many years.

When the game was first released, the endgame was PVP. There was no craglorn or any raids, and the games cinematics showed the large scale combat we intended to have. Unfortunately, decisions were made during the beta, that due to overwhelming complaints from large groups about dying to area of effect attacks from smaller groups, that an artificial cap on these effects would solve the problem, and result in larger groups winning the fight. This became known as the AE Cap, and it created a meta of ball groups becoming invincible.

This did two things. Firstly it caused the server trouble in attempting to handle the calculations of dozens of players packed in a small moving ball spamming area of effect abilities. Secondly it made most of the PvP players quit, as ball groups destroyed the core pvp vision of the game. These PvP players had already experienced what AE Caps had done to previous PvP titles such as Warhammer Online and Guild Wars 2, and knew that the PvP would decline quickly.

Over the next few months, as the PvP population dwindled to a fraction of its launch numbers, the decision was made to simply lower the population count bars, to hide the massive player decline from the general population. Unfortunately, this also lead to the server management team deciding that Cyrodiil no longer required the expensive servers we had been renting, and they were thus downgraded. This cycle repeated itself multiple times over the years, and in 2020 even the PvE servers were downgraded, resulting in gamewide issues for all players.


For two events per year, Midyear Mayhem, we upgrade to a slightly higher level of server just for that week, and the effects on gameplay have been widely discussed. After the event, the servers are downgraded, as our leadership determined years ago that PvP players simply dont generate enough PvE DLC and Crown Store sales to warrant such an expensive server.

The Fix

With the addition of our recent new ownership, we are giving this another shot. We will be upgrading all servers, with the help of Microsoft, to provide all players with a smooth experience, and bring our game closer to the experience we advertised at launch. We welcome all old players back to try the new lag-free Cyrodiil, and we will be raising the population caps accordingly based on the numbers that we see in a month. We also want to point out that not only have we removed the AE Caps, but we have introduced sets to the game such as Vicious Death, which can hurt ball groups badly, as well as numerous siege equipment which can do the same.

PvE players will notice a lower ping, and less issues on trials related to the server.

We welcome all players back and look forward to seeing you in Tamriel!

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