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FAQ on the Upcoming Set Collections System

TheElderScrolls8 - FAQ on the Upcoming Set Collections System

Upcoming Set Collections System (aka the sticker book)

Most of you might have already heard of the set collections/transmute system coming with the Markarth DLC. Because I like helping to answer questions but I didn't want to spread more misinformation and speculation of my own, I went on the PTS to test it out and compile a list of commonly asked questions and speculation that I've been hearing.

What's the set transmute system?

The new system adds a gear set collections page that updates whenever a new set item is bound to your character. This will allow you to safely destroy the physical item and later reconstruct it with transmute crystals and tempers, anytime you want.

What items are eligible?

All items with set bonuses, aside from crafted sets, are eligible. That includes overland sets, dungeon sets, monster sets, trial sets, pvp sets, jewelry sets (agility etc), arena weapons, and mythic items. Items are added to your collections upon binding – that means either equipping them, or letting the timer run out for tradeable sets. Interestingly, they are also added to collections on deconstruction, meaning you don't have to go through all your drops and equip them one by one before deconstructing – great QoL feature.

Upon first login the game will detect everything in your inventory, bank, and storage containers, but you will have to cycle through your characters to let the game update everything in each inventory.

How many transmutes does it cost?

It costs a base amount of 75 transmutes to reconstruct an item, and the number goes down to a minimum of 25 transmutes if you have the entire set collected. That means that 1-item sets like mythics and arena weapons will always cost 25 transmutes. For small sets like monster sets or DW arena weapons, 1 item still starts at 75 transmutes but the cost goes down much more per item collected – the opposite is true for large sets like Trainee which drops in all armor weights.

Do I need materials to reconstruct?

Reconstruction does not cost any base materials or trait materials, only optional upgrade materials (tempers). Since you cannot choose the style for reconstruction, no style mats are required either.

Item Quality

An item's base reconstruct quality is determined by their drop quality. For example, if an item could drop in green quality, you will need to spend blue tempers and higher to reconstruct in a higher quality. If an item drops only as purple, reconstructing in purple will only cost transmute crystals by default but you will need gold tempers to upgrade to legendary. The number of tempers you need is determined by your crafting passives, same as what you would usually require for 100% upgrade chance.


Item Traits

You can only reconstruct items in traits you have researched, same as transmuting. As mentioned above, you do not need trait materials.

I heard about material refunds…

Upon deconstruction, reconstructed items return 25 transmute crystals – this makes it free if you have collected a full set and a partial refund if you have not. There is also a very low chance to drop upgrade tempers, seemingly far lower than deconstructing a regular item (often nothing). Within my limited testing, no trait materials were dropped from deconstructing ~10 items. This means reconstruction is not a reliable way of converting excess transmutes to tempers or trait materials.

Devs have clarified that an earlier statement implying that all materials would be refunded was incorrect, as their intention with this new system was not to destroy the economy for crafting materials which would likely happen once most players have collected enough tempers to reconstruct a full set.

Monster Sets

Although monster sets are only head and shoulder pieces, in the set library there is an entry for each weight, for a total of 6 items. In order to get the 25 reconstruction cost, you need to have collected all the weights of a given monster set.

What about transmute crystals?

Yes, they are increasing the cap from 100 to 500 crystals, or 200 to 1000 with ESO+. They have made some tweaks to increase transmute droprate across the board for PvE sources (including – pledges, group finder, trial quests, leaderboards) in order to balance it with PvP, but they are also waiting for the new system to go live before making further adjustments based on player needs and behaviour.

Info is based on PTS patch notes, PTS testing, as well as some comments made during the Markarth reveal stream. Do feel free to correct me if I've made any mistakes, just trying to compile the info to the best of my ability because I've been hearing some incorrect speculation such as monster sets only having 2 items or all the materials being refunded on deconstruction. Cheers 🙂

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