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Fellow adventurers! The 2nd March For Bunnies from #BunnsForEso is happening – and includes prizes! You, too, can be a winner! [EU]

TheElderScrolls14 - Fellow adventurers! The 2nd March For Bunnies from #BunnsForEso is happening - and includes prizes! You, too, can be a winner! [EU]

Salutations everyone!

Here we go, as previously announced today brings news of what's in store for our line of events and I am pleased to announce that the wonderful fluffiness of #BunnsForEso's March For Bunnies returns this coming Sunday, the 15th, right at the same time as last week, 18.00 CET, however with a new location, because cuteness and cuddles are for everyone! So, please, join us in Vulkhel Guard, in the gardens right in front of the bank. We will once again show Zenimax our love for pets and bunnies especially, bunnies who sadly are still absent from out pet options. This is why we all decided to get together and march, March For Bunnies!

(Not sure what this is all about? Still curious? Check the recap from last week here or the tweet that started it all over here!)

Now seeing as last week's March For Bunnies was a huge success, we from #BunnsForEso thought long and we thought hard. What, oh what, could we possibly do in times as dire and dark where some loving companionship could be well needed?

Why, a costume contest (with pets)of course! Because, hey, who doesn't love dressing up as… as what exactly? Now this is where you come in. As long as it is in any way, shape or form pet related it counts! And what was that about the pet? Now, seeing as we all love pets, fluffiness and possibly bunnies especially, please by all means pick your favorite pet and bring it along – maybe you'll even match it some way to your contest entry or have a story to tell about it?

Of course everyone is welcome, you can also just join for comradery and share your favorite pet stories like some already did last week, you can also still strum up a mean lute solo, too!


Now for those however who choose to enter, you should know you're not doing it merely for the love, the fluffiness, the warmth of a good hearthfire. No, you will also be compensated for the work going into picking a great outfit and, thanks to some anonymous donors (I'm still anonymous, right?), we got these prize monies to spend!

1st place: 100.000 shiny gold coins, enough for tons of pet food

2nd place: 50.000 shiny gold coins, enough for a great lot of pet food

3rd place: 25.000 shiny gold coins, enough for a lot of pet food still

Judge and jury will be none other than LadySky who, once again, shall run things on the spot like last week.

Let's all come together and have a great, cozy time!


Cheerfully yours,

Clavius Lydoris Probus, Procurer of Words extraordinaire, on behalf of LadySky and Coldfreeze

#BunnsForEso – March For Bunnies!

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