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First Annual Legendary Legends Awards Winners!

TheElderScrolls8 - First Annual Legendary Legends Awards Winners!

Announcing: The First Annual Legendary Legends Awards!

2018 has been a rollercoaster of a year for our favorite Elder Scrolls Legends card game. From the addition of three color decks in Houses of Morrowind to our big debut on the esports stage with the Masters Series to the launch of a brand new client, there were a lot of game-changing things that happened. Today, we recognize important moments and people who shaped our journey together. Let us begin.

Best Month: It’s Looking Like July

July absolutely swept this category. From the launch of the Masters Series to the alleged launch of the new client, July was hands down THE Legends month of 2018.

Most Fun & Interactive Deck: Petamax’s Abomination Scout

Although several other nominees in this category, including various Nix-Ox decks, Aggro Warrior, and Support Mage received sizable numbers of votes, in the end Abomination Scout takes home the title of Most Fun & Interactive Deck. With powerful new additions to the archetype from Frostspants cards and recent impressive tournament finishes, 2019 looks like it’s going to be a good year for fun and interaction.

Best Time-Travelling Shitposter: cspence2099

Due to a crackdown on time-tourism, cspence2099 has been absent from our community for a few months now, but during his time here, he brought peace and tranquility to us all during a trying time. Whenever and wherever he is now, he will always be in our hearts.

Best Mudcrab: Reflective Automaton

It’s been said that everyone sees a bit of themselves in Reflective Automaton, and since the people putting this together are rampart narcissists, there was only one possible winner in this category. One of the best Dwemer, best Dragons, and best Factotums as well, Automaton Boy really gets around. The word on the street is that Shadowgreen Elder and he have been dating. Congratulations, you two!

Best Masters Series Competitor’s Dad: plzdonhakme sr.

During plzdonhakme’s publicity tour, Will’s Dad brought Legends mainstream, reminding us all that it’s a family affair. The work he did advancing Legends to the realm of serious esports will never be forgotten, and there are rumors that he’s planning on entering the competition himself next year.

Best Card: Bushwhack

Although none of us are sure what set it came from, Bushwhack was the overwhelming winner of the Best Card category. While the 13-year-old in all of us appreciates the card for its name and our inability to say it without smirking, there’s nothing funny about Bushwhacking off the last guard in your way to find lethal. The recent nerf buff to Goblin Skulk may have made it harder to get a Bushwhack off of a good pilfer, but the card remains a community favorite.

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Best Larson: Jage

In a stunning upset, Jage takes home the title of Best Larson this year. His musical genius and next-level twitch trolling elevated Legends content creation to art this year, while other nominees in the category tried their hardest to destroy the game and its community. Jage, we love you.

Best Retirement: Hive Offender


Speaking of trying to destroy the game and its community, noted shitposter and general misanthrope Hive Offender takes home the title of Best Retirement. His exit signaled a shift in the seriousness of Legends, finally making it the internationally recognized competitive esport that it is today. Rot in hell, drama kwama.

Most Improved Developer: Sparkpants

In the closing months of 2018, Sparkypants took a new client which at launch was the software equivalent of a Hive Offender think-piece and elevated it to the best platform for playing Legends that we’ve ever had. They’ve been active in the community, responsive to feedback, and ultimately have earned our trust moving forward. By hiring TDCJason (a nominee for the Best Masters Series Competitor’s Dad, since Link is his son), Sparkypants secured the win, signaling that 2019 should be a fantastic year of new Legends content.

Best Legends Gear: Stolen Pants

In our narrowest victory, Stolen Pants defeated Vegas betting market favorite “Those Weird Legends Gloves” to win Best Legends Gear. Although this category was mired in pants-related controversy after the developer switch, in the end voters chose to recognize a product that many initially wrote off. The swelling of pants related ladder victories in late 2018 was impressive to behold, but if it lasts more than four hours we’re calling a doctor.

Best Expansion of 2018: Isle of Madness

The Q4 release of Isle of Madness revitalized the Legends scene like nothing else the game had ever experienced. While many doubted that Sparklepants could ever deliver a larger set that impacted the meta in the way that every single person individually hoped for, they silenced all critics with over 100 game changing new cards.

Highest Effort Reddit Poster: yumyum36

While many people regularly shared exciting and conversation starting pack opening screenshots and beautifully written complaints about the free and discounted products being offered during the Festival of Madness, it was yumyum36 that most voters chose to recognize with this prestigious award. Considered by many to be the hardest working man in the Legends community, yumyum36 has been here longer than anyone, and rumor has it that at PAX East he beat CVH in an arm-wrestling contest. What you know about that, Dust?

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Most Inspirational Life Story: CVH

CVH’s story of redemption begins with him on the streets as a struggling content creator and ends with him as the Community Master that he is now. When he went legit, many thought that it would be the end of daily quality Legends content, and it was, but now he sits in a golden tower and laughs at us lowly peasants and demanded that we give him an award. He is an inspiration to all of us who hope to one day leverage our gameplaying skills and ridiculous good looks into a real job.

Game of the Year: Artifact

After months of hype and a Cartmanland-style approach to marketing, Artifact was finally released in 2018, and voters unanimously agreed that it’s never been a better time to be an Elder Scrolls Legends player. Sometimes, it takes some perspective to be grateful for what you have, and Artifact has done an amazing job of reminding people what a fantastic game we have here. Honorary mention to Gwent and Hand of the Gods.

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