The Elder Scrolls

First impressions from free trial — does the gameplay get any better?

TheElderScrolls6 - First impressions from free trial -- does the gameplay get any better?

After a few restarts, I finally played a character to level 6, and got the Vivec apartment.

So far my impression is the game is pretty grindy. It would be helped with the Crafting Bag so that you don't have to do so much inventory management, but mostly that's to handle all the Provisioning materials you accumulate — if you even want to level Provisioning. IF you want to manage those materials it can cost literally hours to shuffle them around.

For early game Provisioning to be actually useful you'd need some really good recipes. Otherwise you can just pick up food and drinks here and there for free. But getting any kind of recipe is either RNG or gold you don't really have to spend.


Got only a pitiful amount of gold, so it seems Crafting is important for gearing. Except getting materials is a huge PITA, and breaking down gear often gives absolutely nothing at all — if you even bother to haul them to a crafting station. The free Vivec apartment is nice for getting there cheaply (i.e. free) but fast travel costs you more than half your earnings from a quest.

So… does the game actually get better? Do you automatically get enough gold or do you still have to keep grinding one thing or another? It does not appear that simply subscribing to ESO+ for the Crafting Bag will actually help the rest of the gameplay, it just saves you time jugging food around. When do I get to focus on the story?

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