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Found a new appreciation for ESO

TheElderScrolls14 - Found a new appreciation for ESO

I've been dabbling on and off for some time, first on PC, currently on XBOX but never quite got into the game. Somehow the weird magicka/stamina split system just doesn't do for me, even though the world is beautiful and rich in lore as well as the combat system being one of the better ones I've played.

Recently however, I've made my first forays into Warden tanking – heavy armor, s&b, all points into health – and I really quite like it. Being invested neither into stamina nor magicka I really just use whatever skills seem useful and even though my damage is rather low (I timed myself on a world boss, 1.8m health took about 5.5 minutes to kill), doing solo PvE has been a blast, particularly doing solo world bosses. I could never do that on my dps builds so I barely know any of those bosses.

Today I did the Cave of Memories in Stonefalls where I had to fight 3 small bosses rather than one big one and it was quite possibly the most epic fight I've had in any game in a long time. First off, I needed a few tries to figure out which of the 3 to focus on. The ghost looked most dangerous, so I tried that first. However, I kept losing track of the tank and being hit by his shield bashes ended that try eventually. So I tried focusing him next, keeping him in my sights all the time, but he was just too resilient for me to kill quickly, so eventually the mage and the ghost wore me down. Third try, mage first and I actually managed to kill her – with just two left, the fight was considerably easier, but still took forever with my low damage. I killed the ghost next and after a very long time of careful fighting, I had the tank down… but nothing happened. The boss hp bar showed 33% health remaining, turns out the mage had already respawned!

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But I was determined to get my victory, so I went straight back at her. I knew I had to try to kill them all closer together, but this time I had a serious advantage – they all respawned separately with plenty time in between. So I worked on the mage first, then the ghost again and by the time the tank respawned, I had the mage at <10% waiting to be killed and the ghost at ~30% – could have perhaps been lower, but the two of them kept me moving quite a lot to avoid their spells. It was enough to kill them the second time around. After that long and epic fight I surely deserved my victory 🙂

And this was all just at level 32, can't wait to see what other fights I'll bump into on the long journey to endgame content! 😀

So there it is, just wanted to share my ESO highlight so far. Maybe someone will like this little story. My first month of ESO Plus is just about to run out (yes, I bought it for the crafting bag mostly) but I'm sure I'll stay a while longer this time around.

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