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“From Dread Daedra Save Us”

TheElderScrolls4 - "From Dread Daedra Save Us"

Sotha Sil`s pact with Daedric Lords! – "From Dread Daedra Save Us"

This is a my new artwork on the theme of the Elder Scrolls! The name is taken from the bard song in ESO – "From Dread Daedra Save Us". The art is made on A3 paper, pencils and color inks.

In this post I would like not only to show you my art – but also to explain the details of the drawing and to describe a little the event itself and the essence of the song, which I took as a basis.

A member of the Tribunal of Living Gods, Sotha Sil, arrived in Oblivion after the destruction of Gil-Var-Delle by the forces of Molag Bal, in order to prevent Daedric masters from personally invading the mortal world with a special treaty.

Poor Gil-Var-Delle we still recall

The God of Schemes consumed it all

To Coldharbour went our Clockwork God

To bargain on the Princes' sod

abmo886g83n41 - "From Dread Daedra Save Us"

Final version of art:)

He brought together Eight of them (listing from top to bottom, from left to right): Sheogorath, Malacath, Hermaeus Mora, Boethiah, Molag Bal, Mehrunes Dagon, Azura and Hircine.

They came to mock at Tribune small

Schemer,Hunger,Hunter, all

Pariah,Scryer,Destroyer came

Raver and Twilight just the same


They sneered when Clockwork made his demand

'Till Twilight raised a hand

"And what do you offer in return,

To keep us from chastising Nirn?"

Below I have placed the individual parts of the art with explanations for them:

Sheogorath, Molag Bal and Malacath

  • Sheogorath is surrounded by the bright colors of his kingdom, and butterflies swirl around him (a fun detail from TES IV)
  • At the feet of the Lord of Enslavement are the souls of mortals captivated by them, from which chains stretch upward to him. The stone on which it stands contains the same elements of chains and "hooks" from the Dark Anchors. In his hand is the same – shackles and chain.
  • I decided to surround Malacath with sharp, cold stones. I wanted to separate him from everyone, because of all the daedra – only he is an outcast, and patronizes the same as he. He relies on Volendrung.

Hermaeus Mora

  • Hermaeus Mora as a whole remains familiar in his appearance – the shapeless mass of tentacles, eyes, claws and … books! I did not place it on a rock or stone, but decided that it would be good if Hermaeus would levitate in a pile of books and pieces of paper.


  • At the left edge I put Boethiah. I wanted to make her costume look like snake skin, and that it was interspersed with black ebon and blood pieces. If you look closely, you can even see that her hood was created in the shape of a cobra, which inflated the hood.
  • Boethiah protects the traitors and her sanctuaries often contain snake-like details – that's why I added live snakes to her stone. Her stone is also covered in blood – because you can remember that in her plan of Oblivion she often arranges bloody battles to determine Her Champion.

Mehrunes Dagon


  • Dagon is the largest figure in the artwork. On his leather mantle you can see the stylized daedric letter "O" – an invariable symbol of his Gates in TES IV
  • With the help of the buildings on his stone, I wanted to show his really huge growth. On a stone, among the lava – there are towers, gates, passageways that could be seen in its Deadlands (I wanted to show them like that, maybe it didn’t come so close to the original)

Azura and Hircine

  • Azura is shown with arms raised up. The song said that it was she who, raising her hands, spoke with Sota Sil about the conditions of his agreement with the daedra. In her robes are symbols of the Moon and the Star, and on her stone you can see flowers.
  • Hircine is shown in its most familiar form – with the head of a deer (or deer skull). In his hands is a Spear of Bitter Mercy, he himself is dressed in skins, and on his stone, among moss and vegetation, you can see two small wolf heads (to the left of Hirsin, below, behind the branches)

Sotha Sil and…Nocturnal

  • Sotha Sil shown in the center, but he is very small. I was always amazed and surprised that, even as a Living God, he still decided to meet eight so powerful Lords of Daedra. Therefore, I made the daedra huge and the Clockwork God small.
  • Molag Bal behind him, because due to his invasion Sotha Sil decided to limit the influence of the daedra on Tamriel – he does not discuss the terms of the contract with him. At the moment, he is talking directly with Mehrunes Dagon – who is the first to violate the terms of his contract (this is described in the very interesting game book "2920, The Last Year of the First Era"). By the way, it was precisely because of Dagon that Sotha Sil almost died in the past, when he was not yet God. The forces of the Lord of Destruction destroyed his House, and he himself was saved by Vivec.
  • Yes, not all daedra came to this “meeting”. Sotha Sil gathered ostensibly those who could threaten Tamriel the most. However, if I correctly remember the plot of ESO: Clockwork City and ESO: Summerset – Nocturnal did not appear at the general meeting, because it hid from Sotha Sil in the shadows. But I decided to show the Nocturnal, her figure can be seen right below Sotha Sil, in the center.

I decided to depict each daedra lord on a separate piece of stone, as if each of them reflects their plans for Oblivion, which each of them rules.

According to the song, Sotha Sil told them something that no mortal knows. After his journey to Oblivion, the daedra cannot penetrate Tamriel by themselves, but can only send their forces if someone from the mortal world calls them.

Then Clockwork whispered long and low

And what he said, no mortal can know

From dread Daedra save us

From Daedra keep us safe

Forsake the ones that made us

To fight a wrongful fate

Here is my art! It was very interesting to work on it. I hope you enjoy it too 🙂

The link to my ArtStation, where there are many more different drawings, (both throughout TES and ESO separately) is in my reddit profile! Thanks for attention!

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