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TheElderScrolls14 - Frost Warden questions/observations

I'm working on making a Frost DPS build for my Warden. So far as I level up it is going well but there are some things about build-making that I and wondering and some observations:

  1. Advanced Species passive – do 'back bar' damage over time spells like elemental blockade get any boost from this if all the pet abilities are slotted on the front bar (after switching back to front bar of course)?
  2. Tri Focus – I'm not using this since I dont need the taunt, but I wonder, since it only increases Flame staff full charge heavy attacks (which are barely used in rotations nowadays) it doesnt appear this would make any real difference in Flame vs Frost DPS for any class.
  3. Ancient Knowledge – I think doesnt make much difference either. It says it increases Flame Staff 'single target' abilities which I read as NOT including light/heavy attack since they arent abilities, and it would otherwise only effect Force Shock and Destructive Touch since they are the only 2 Destro staff single target flame abilities. (maybe DK would find it useful but not as much for other classes?)
  4. Piercing Cold – Warden Passive – 6% increase to all Magic and Frost damage. This appears to me to be a big deal for a Frost Warden. Effectively every ability I use is either Magic or Frost damage, so all of them, including light/heavy attacks do 6% more damage.


So the final tally I am coming up with is this (19% to Frost and 15% to Magic damage): 4% boost to Frost damage for being Altmer. 6% damage increase to Magic and Frost damage from Piercing Cold passive. 3% to all damage per animal I have slotted (I currently have 3 per bar for 9% each). To me that seems like it could work quite well and for soloing during leveling I'm seeing the same, or perhaps a bit higher damage output on this Frost Warden vs the 'usual' Flame staff based MagWarden.

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I'm also enjoying the fact that it is different than always using flame staff.

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