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Frustration with Morrowind.

TheElderScrolls13 - Frustration with Morrowind.

"I won't cheat this time." (Spoilers ahead)

I have to say that every single time I play a Bethesda game on PC. I won't cheat, exploit (the dark brotherhood armor) or take advantage of any glitches.

But Morrowind. Every attempt to play it renders me confused and fustrated. Mostly due to the fact that I'm used to the hand holding of Oblivion and Skyrim. Directions to reach my destination rather than a blip on my compass? Oh. My. Thalos. Thats insane! But I'll try it, and I did. And I'm doing well for the first hour.

Unfortunately for me. I've started the main quest a bit earlier than expected. Only one level up past the main level and the next thing I know I'm in a Dwemer ruins getting the taste slapped out of my mouth. Reloading quick saves and planning ahead eventually gets me out with the puzzle box, some pricey loot, and no potions. Absolutely none. I even drank the water walking potion I made by mistake. All my invisibility potions and Scrolls and even the herbs I collected on the way in the hopes of a small heal.

From there I decide to start working with the Thieves Guild. Needing some gold to buy some more armor and potions, it seemed reasonable for a character not speced in sneak or security. I have scrolls that unlock things, found them around and bought a few with what I have left. After taking some diamonds and selling some, I come across a lack of scrolls to unlock anything. But I've been given a bunch of lockpicks and probes.

I sold those. Not for skooma. I swear. Breaking into a manor, panic murdering an innocent maid, and stealing all the dishware I find myself with more sweet, sweet legal tender. But what's this in my Journal after a failed assassination attempt? Yeah. The Brotherhood quest.

I'll get that done real quick, I thought. Going through the quest and walking. So much walking. Enough to get me fustrated… When I get into the sewer I can deal with the ghost bois no problem. Until I find the assassins. I'll admit to kiting five over and killing them through a series of quick saves and lucky shots. Eventually I ran out of potions and means to mend my wounds so I carefully cleared out the central area with a smidge of health left. Walking forward after the 5th assassin boi four more come out of no where and destroy me. Frustration ensues. I TGM and run around the area and inside the huts in the ruins to find eight more. Annnnnd I killed them all. Didn't save and reloaded to walk all the way back.


An hour later I'm back in Balmora. I'll continue the main quest and get a skull from a burial cave. Followed the directions. Got lost and murdered. Twice. Finally found my way and I'm in with my fancy silver sword of shocks that I bought back in the Bazaar. Ghosts are no problems, sword wielding skellebros and dropped with some effort. But whats this? An archer skelly? Chaaarge!!! And he one shot me.

Apparently they have enchanted arrows. Which I was unaware were a thing. And boy. Oh boy do they hurt. One in particular did poison damage and melted me within seconds. Taking eight times to dodge and dip and roll (walking forward) to reach the skelly I down him. Loot the arrows. And continue. Another skeleton with enchanted arrows, guarded by one with a sword makes short work of me about twenty times before I… cheat again… En garde! I am invulnerable!!! But its just to get a look around. I find where the skull is and reload. Twenty more attempts and I turn and abandon the quest for now.

And that's where I am. Cheated twice. Had to no clip once after getting stuck on a barrel in my attempt to break into a manor for the Thieves Guild (where I accidentally murdered the maid) and had to use cobsole commands to see what I could take and which containers I could use to store my alchemy things. I'm rerolling my character again… A stealth build. Marksman. My first character is broke and I'm realising my character could be better made for what I'm interested in. But that feels like cheating too. I want to stick with my current but I hate not having an edge for something. I blew over 1000g for stealth training when I could have mained stealth.

Morrowind is amazing. A great game that doesn't hold your hand. It just shows you the tutorial and kicks you off the cliff. The freedom is great and also terrifying. So if anyone reading this has any tips they can dole out to a fustrated Dark Elf who just wants to not die instantly but can stealth (impossible I know) let me know!

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