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FTP –> Legend. Decks and thoughts.

TheElderScrolls8 - FTP --> Legend. Decks and thoughts.

I'm a free-to-play player that just made legends and I'd like to share my decks and thoughts on the state of the game.


1) I'm not in love with Slay Pact and Market Assassin, but I greatly prefer these to "hard removal" tribunal. So for me, the current meta is much more enjoyable to the pre-Alliance War meta. I will say I still favor banning dual-colors from three color decks.

2) Because of the prevalence of those two decks, I built my decks to defeat them (since they were the most frustrating). I also don't have all the cards at my disposal of a whale, so I had to do with what I could.

3) There aren't really any AW cards that I use as staples besides {{Forerunner of the Pact}}. I've drawn {{Abnur Tharn}} and {{Vanus Galerion}} from packs, but haven't found a deck to put them in. This goes to my final point.

4) The big tri-colors (especially Slay Pact and Control Tribunal, to a lesser extent TC Telvanni) are very expensive decks to play. For the big two, right off the bat, you need 3 Necromancers, and the cost goes up from there. Because a 75 deck will naturally require more cards, and control decks tend to rely more on legendary and epic cards, I sadly don't see any reduction in the prevalence of tri-colors due to a rational business decision by Bethesda.

5) Thanks to all the whales and players who drop that cash! We wouldn't have this game without you.

That being said, I have been able to be a (relatively) successful ladder player with no previous experience in CCGs and only FTP resources. I've been playing for about 8 months. Here are the decks I've been playing:

Mid Covenant: The Pact Slayer


This deck started as a dragons deck and morphed as I got frustrated losing to Slay Pact. Lots of wards, WHC, and the ability to keep pressure on make it a good match-up against Pact. I think this deck brought me from 5–>3.

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Aggro Pact This deck keeps constant pressure on the opponent. Unless you're up against a hyper-aggro build (Like a crusader), running face is usually the way to go. But it can also work as a light-midrange deck. I think I went 3–>2 with this.

Hyper-Aggro Crusader

Hyper-Aggro crusader: This deck is all face, all race. I imagine it's not a lot of fun to play against. But it works – I am FTP and went from Rank 2 to Legend with about 75% winrate. It tends to put too much pressure for Market Assassin or Slay Pact to deal with, and the large number of charge creatures prevent opponent's guards from slowing down your taller creatures. For mulligan, I would look for {{Afflicted Alit}} and {{Green Pact Ambusher}}.

If you want to make this more budget friendly, replace {{Aspect of Hircine}} with {{Savage Ogre}} or {{Swiftwing Dragon}}, remove {{Haafingar Marauder}}, remove one or both Relentless Raiders, remove Sharp-Eyed Ashkaan. If you have them, Crusader's Assault and Rift Thane are both worthwhile additions.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences playing this deck, or any of the others!

And now that I'm at legend, I think I'm going to meme and see if I can ever find a semi-viable deck to reach my exalt 15 cards daily mission.

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