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FTP –> Legend, June 2019, Decks and Thoughts feat. Old-School Token Crusader

TheElderScrolls13 - FTP --> Legend, June 2019, Decks and Thoughts feat. Old-School Token Crusader

I've been playing since October 2018, and thought I'd share a couple decks I've used on the ladder.

Aggro-Tokens Empire

I climbed from 5-1 (mostly) with an aggro/tokens empire deck. The deck is explosive, and can high-roll very hard (I beat at least one of the Masters Series finalists on ladder) with, e.g., Mournhold Traitor, but lacks consistency against elite decks, and ended up petering out at the 1 Rank. Interesting note about this deck is that I thought adding Clivia Tharn would improve the deck, but I found it to be a temp loss, and never saw success with that card:
aggro token empire - FTP --> Legend, June 2019, Decks and Thoughts feat. Old-School Token Crusader

I was stuck at Rank 1 for over two weeks. It was really frustrating. I tried netdecking most of the decks from the LCQ and couldn't pull them off (that excludes the control decks, because as a FTP player who didn't get all the early twitch drops, I don't have enough cards). I don't really understand how to pilot the Midgro Covenant decks, so if anyone has tips I'd love to hear them. I usually ended up running out of gas. I tried a home-brew dragon battlemage that was around 60% win rate, but let that go too.

I tried over a dozen decks, and just couldn't get to legend. So I started trying out older decks I hadn't played in a while. And I ended up seeing success with:

Old-School Token Crusader

What's fun about this deck is that it includes no cards from IoM, AW, or MoE. It really is a pretty old deck, but it shows that you don't need a million cards. It also shows that the meta changes, because this deck got killed on ladder after IoM came out, but is now strong again. It's extremely explosive, and with ring, it's very possible to have 8/8 stats on the board at the end of your second turn. It probably doesn't need Haufinger Marauder, but I keep that card in because a) it was one of my first legendaries and b) the RNG can be fun. I entered legends at 680 with this deck, and had success against multiple top 100 players. It's weakness is probably Telvanni (and sometimes tribunal if you get a bad hand), but there's no deck it's a sure loss against. If you had the card, I would probably switch out the Black Dragon for Varen Aquilos. Most importantly, I think this deck is a blast to play: If you're trying to get that last day push to legend, try it out!



1) I have realized I am only decent piloting aggro decks. In the arena I try hard to be patient and play control, but on ladder, I don't have the cards for the top control decks, and I just can't figure out how to effectively play mid-range (e.g. Mid Covenant or Mid Dagoth). I'd love to hear tips for how mid play differs from aggro.

2) I'm liking the current meta. Gone with Ebonheart Slay, that cursed fun killer. I've seen an increase in Tribunal and Telvanni control on the ladder, and a decrease in aggro Hlaalu and Crusader, but I'm seeing a great mix. I'm expecting that to change as the top players settle on the most powerful decks.

3) Moons of Elseweyr seems fun if a little meh. I don't have any cards besides the two starters and 5 packs, so I can't really build a deck around the mechanics. But I don't really mind, given that I don't see a lot of power creep. I do have fun with Wax/Wane and Consume grinding quests in story mode. One thing I think is underrated by players is that many of these cards aren't strong enough for ladder, but do add spice to arena. Maybe that says something about the future of rotations. But really, it's that many cards are worthless in a meta with lots of hard removal or super-aggro, but can still be fun to play with.

4) Finally, I just want to reiterate the reason I made this post: This game is not P2W. You can be FTP and successful (even if you won't be making the Masters Series). It really comes down to playing decks that a) fit the cards you DO own, and not the cards you don't and b) fit your playstyle.

Til next month (I hope)

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