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Gatekeeping playstyles seriously needs to go away

TheElderScrolls5 - Gatekeeping playstyles seriously needs to go away

For a little context:

I've owned ESO on pc since it was pre-orderable. I got the big special edition (that is all but pointless now) and I was ready to play it until my eyes bled. Problem was, I didn't like mmos (tried wow and swtor before this) and sadly, the experience wasn't much different for this game. I got to level 18 ish and quit playing. Made several attempts to get back into it over the years and made it to high 30s before getting bored again.

Eventually, I got into games like Diablo and BDO. What I realized is I liked grindy end game content and NOT the leveling content prior to that. I would figure out fast ways to level so I could get tf out of that phase and move to the part I actually enjoyed. Hated mmos but I got to 5 soft cap max levels in BDO because I loved the combat and "end game" stuff.

When I came back to ESO (right after greymoore launched) , I began asking around about ways to power level and get to the end game content quicker. My highest level was 39 and I didn't know how CP or any of that crap worked. What I was met with was a barrage of people saying stuff like "you need to go do quests in order to PROPERLY experience this game" or "if you just grind to end game you'll burn out and never play it again". This happened EVERY TIME I asked, whether it be in zone chat or one of the "friendly" guilds I joined. It honestly bordered on hostile attacks at the thought that I would try to circumvent their precious story based leveling system. These dudes didn't care that I TRIED to play it the "right" way and hated it every time. I know how I like to play these types of games now, but that doesn't matter.


Eventually a player messaged me and built me training gear and ran my new necro through farming spots for hours on end until I hit CP 160. I'm happy to say I play with him and his friends almost daily, I'm CP 250 now and I have 2 leveled and fully gold- geared characters (I farm a lot and have 3 trading guilds in top tier locations), and I'm going to work on a 3rd once the pvp event is over.

All this is to say, I see this same shit happening in zone chat every day. Someone wanting a leg up to skip the part they find boring, and several in chat jumping on them for not playing "the right way". They have some semi valid points like "you won't know how to play your character by end game", and even that is BS because anyone can read a build guide and figure out how to play it if they're competent enough. That's what I did, and now I can solo dungeons with my necro and finish top of scoreboard pretty regularly with my Templar in pvp.

This crap needs to stop. The whole ENTIRE POINT of ESO (besides crown store lol) is to PLAY IT YOUR WAY. Gatekeeping these players that don't want to spend 2 months leveling a character just to get bored and not want to play anymore is just going to contribute to a declining player base (bugs and stupid zos practices notwithstanding). We want more people to play this game and grow it, not keep it an exclusive "I did quests like a good little boy/girl and got to max level" club.

Sorry for the rant. Just something that has been bothering me since I now LOVE this game and see this rather toxic occurance every day.

TLDR: powerlevelers want to play the game their way, and the way you enjoyed the game might not be the way they will enjoy it.

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