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Giving the Daedric Princes DnD 5e monster types?

TheElderScrolls12 - Giving the Daedric Princes DnD 5e monster types?

This is for the sake of a DnD game I'll be running soon and one of my players has advantage on attempts to identify information about "types" of monsters. The Daedric Princes play a big role in the story so it's occurred to me that I need to settle on where each aligns. I didn't want to blanket them under Fiends because, some of them really aren't fiends. Like, at all. I have an idea about most of them, but there are a few I'd like to bounce around ideas with. I'll include the alignment I decided on for each prince as well.

Fiends: Boethia (CE), Molag Bal (LE), Clavicus Vile (NE), Mehrunes Dagon (CE). This is basically the defacto "you're evil and probably came up form the depths of hell to destroy the universe" category, where most of the evil Princes feel appropriate. This is where I thought most of them would end up, but I was kind of surprised that not nearly as many as expected felt right being called fiends.

Celestials: Azura (NG) and Meridia (LG). These two were pretty easy, as they're generally considered the "good" daedra, as far as morals and general opinion go. Not as cruel as the others and more forgiving when it comes to their wrath. Not to say that either of them is benevolent, but as far as the Daedra go, they're definitely the kindest ones.

Aberrations: Hermaeus Mora (LN), Sheogorath (CN). Hermaeus Mora is pretty obvious – he's basically the physical manifestation of what an aberration would look like. Sheogorath is here because aberrations are also considered "alien" and he's so out-there mad that I thought it suited him a bit more than Fiend, especially because I don't considered him to be evil or malicious. I interpreted Abbertaions as being anything that possesses strong or weird mental powers. Could be wrong there, but that's why I'm here.


Fey: Hircine (TN) and Nocturnal (TN). From what I could get out of it, Fey are known to inhabit the twilight (hence Nocturnal) and the wilds (hence Hircine), and don't really seem to lean strongly toward good or evil. Because of that, I thought it suited the two fully Neutral Princes to be considered Fey. They're also apparently known in Folklore, which suits Hircine ever more since he's the father of werewolves.

Monstrosities: Mephala (CE), who is basically a giant spider demon who seems to have a real thing for senseless murder. She's more bestial, at least as far as appearance goes, compared to the other Princes so I thought she best fit here.

Dragon: Peryite (LE), who is literally a dragon. Or at least looks like one. He's supposed to be some Daedric counterpart to Akatosh, except being the weakest of the Princes, so I thought it would suit him being classified as a dragon.

Undecided: Sanguine (CN), Vaermina (CE), Malacath (LE). My first thought for all of them as also Fiends, but I could easily see Sanguine and Vaermina as Abberations alongside Sherogorath. If my interpretation is correct, they also rule over mental domains (sin and dreams). Vaermina could easily be a Fiend as well. I also don't really consider Sanguine a Fiend because, while his domain is Sin, it's less murder and more petty things like drugs, drinking, and over-indulgence. Not really evil things. Malacath is the one I'm really torn on. He's cruel and brutal, but he's as well-loved by the Orcs as Azura is by the Dunmer and the Khajit. I can't classify Malacath as a Celestia, obviously, but I don't know if calling him a Fiend feels right either, just because of his relationship with orcs. My tentative classification for these three are:

Abberations: Sanguine

Fiends: Vaermina and Malacath

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