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TheElderScrolls4 - Gold Making guide 2019

Hey guys, I noticed a lack of guides on this reddit about some of the common things in ESO. I didn’t like watching 20 minute videos because I felt they were a waste of time when I could easily read and comprehend something in a fraction of the time. So here lies a Gold Making Guide. If this gets enough up-votes or a bit of community attraction I’ll make more parts to a comprehensive ESO guide.

Discord is: Et3rnalKing#1530

USerID for ESO: Et3rnalKings

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I. ADDONS: Addons are a necessity in order to make gold. Here are some of the most important

a. Master Merchant: Gives a average price of the item, these averages are obtained from the guild you are currently in. Better trading guilds=More On-Point Averages

b. Harvest Map: Places markers wherever you have harvested a material node, very helpful when resource farming

c. Dolgunbon’s Lazy Writ Crafter: Automatically crafts items required for writs when accessing a crafting table/bench.

d. Mini map: There are many mini map addons for ESO, I recommend Advanced UI’s (AUI) Mini map or Votan’s Mini map. Makes Harvest Map more useful and all around convenient for game play.

II. Trading Guild: I CANNOT express the importance of this enough. Trading guilds are necessary in order to sell things in ESO, there is no global auction house. While most of them require a weekly payment, you will always profit from these guilds. Guilds with traders in more popular locations have a better sell rate (More popular area=more sales). Master Merchant is needed when in a Trading Guild. I am currently in Eastmarch Trading Company, it has a weekly due of 10k gold, but I have profited 200k gold in May.

III. WRITS: Writs are one of the easiest ways to get gold. Once you reach level six(6), you gain access to a set of quests that allow you to start doing writs. The quests are obtained by talking to trainers found in the Fighters Guild (Clothing, Woodworking, Blacksmithing) and Mages Guild (Enchanting, Alchemy, Provisioning). Jewelry Crafting can be unlocked with the Summerset expansion. You can get Inspiration (Crafting experience), Materials (raw, traits, ect.), Survey reports (mark a spot on a map when used that allows you to find resource nodes that contain more than normal ones), and Master Writs. I recommend you sell the majority of the Gold materials that you receive because you get good money for them ~2k-10k depending on which one. Save all the surveys you have until you are high leveled in crafting, these raw materials sell better. I usually save all of my surveys and do them all in one go. Dolgunbon’s Lazy Writ Crafter is encouraged but not necessary, Master Merchant is encouraged for finding prices for items to sell, Trading Guild is encouraged.


IV. Dailies: Do daily quests from zones! In summerset you have a chance to get Culanda Lacquer which sell for a few thousand gold. You also get a bit of EXP for completing these. These quest vary from location to location, but there are over 19 areas that offer these quests (Undaunted, Guild, Writs, Trials, Craglorn, Cyrodilic Collections, Northern Elseweyr Defense, Imperial City, Wrothgar, Theives Guild, Gold Coast, Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, Summerset, Murkmire, Cyrodiil Settlement, Fighters Guild Bounty, PvP, Hadran’s Caravan, Event).

V. Material Farming: Self Explanatory. Run around areas on the map collecting resources. You will get quite a lot of raw material, which sells for *some* gold. The most profitable place to farm is in Craglorn because of Potent Nirncrux. This sells for ~8k gold PC/NA, but node density is low and mobs are stronger than other areas. Generally you want to sell these materials raw and unprocessed, people pay more for them. There is generally no demand for lots of processed low levelmaterials. This is because there is a chance to get gold Materials from processing them, but you need certain skill points in certain places in order to get the best chances. You need to be in a Trading Guild and have the Master Merchant addon in order to profit from this. Harvest Map is encouraged but not necessary, same with minimap.

VI. Fishing: Very time consuming, I usually do it while watching T.V. Perfect Roe has a 1% chance to drop, but sells for ~10k each. There are also some Summerset Specific items you can get, Pyandonean Bottles and Psijic Satchels that contain some nice loot. Addons are not necessary but Votans’s Fisherman and Votan’s Fish Fillet will help.

VII. Stealing: Not very profitable unless done under certain conditions with skill points allotted. Useful in early game for small amounts of gold, not very useful later unless farming Motifs or have skills in the right area. Some people are able to average ~10k in one hour, but you need the skill points.

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