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Great contrast of fake tanking

TheElderScrolls11 - Great contrast of fake tanking

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normal Blackheart Haven: A CP1000++ fake tank single-handedly carry the whole game, I am just looting leisurely at behind, but the "tank" keeps pushing the dungeon, fast efficient beautiful.

normal Moon Hunter Keep: A CP500++ fake tank keeps rushing the map, and locked out others during boss fight. not once but twice. What enrages me is although he's the problem of the group, he keeps instructing others like he's far superior than us like "please revive others if you are not been chased by the boss", I am like ok, but shouldn't we never get chased by boss if the tank taunts. So after the boss with Hedge Maze Guardian, I decided to vote out the fake tank, but my others group members (CP100++ and CP200++) reject it. Ok fine, so we proceed to Mylenne Moon-Caller boss. Once again, he locked me out of the room. Just the adds fight before the boss, the "tank" died twice, and i am thinking we not going to pass this. So the first attempt, we get wiped one by one because we keep running around the room like madmen while being chased by the boss and adds and i think some of them don't know about the interrupt mechanic. after the first wipe, i decided to do a voting again, yet again my kind group members still want to keep their "tank". Fine, we go for second attempt, I did some interrupt to the boss, and try to kill some shock warden, a bunch of adds chasing me and I died. I raged quit.

PS: I am putting CP just for better picture, not to say higher CP player performs better.



I actually wrote a post in the past to share my experience with a new reddit account to stay anonymity but get deleted by sub cause account too new. So i will write it down here for people who want to read.

So, the story is I played RND today, and met this particular individual. After constant dying of few mates, I decided to make a poll to kick him. And here goes the conversation. I actually did not notice this individual faking tank at first, I kicked him just because of him/her not doing his/her job.

I do understand that 3DD is faster to clear a dungeon and appreciate that, but this is not going any faster when we are kept dying.

This individual is CP810++ and I know that lots of CP810++ still doing their roles properly and guide the new players and stuff. And TBH, you as a DD queue pub as tank just to get pair fast is really not fair to others that queue as DD and tank.

And at last, if this individual is reading this, I would like to tell you I don't agree with you, but because I value my time, and I have to do all this just to make my stand clear 🙁 At least I am cool and not ignore you in game as what you did.

If the moderator thinks that this is a hate post, I apologize and feel free to delete it.

TLDR: Pub is full of surprise 🙂

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