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Group didn’t know mechanics, I got blamed for not healing

TheElderScrolls3 - Group didn’t know mechanics, I got blamed for not healing

Hey guys, little rant right now, got my blood boiling so bad.

I decided to solo queue into a vet dungeon as a healer, just one last little raid before my lunch. Got into vet fang lair (har har), I was the replacement healer and they were at the menagerie boss. They seemed friendly at first, so couldn’t be that bad right.

I could tell something wasn’t right when they didn’t bother killing the tiger first, but they manage to get interrupts and we manage to kill the boss, so I didn’t say anything. Took a while and a lot of rezzes, but eh, maybe they wanted to go for straight burn.

Caluurion boss was alright, no wipes and manage to kill it.

The next skeleton boss was where things got weird again. I kept getting pulled by the ghost but the first pull, whenever I x up, they wouldn’t bother to kill the ghost and just kept dpsing the boss, eventually I died of course. They rezzed so whatever, we kept fighting. The other dps got pulled and THEN they only killed the ghost. I see what kind of group this is already, but I just wanted to get it over with, wanted my daily bonus and my lunch.

Then final boss is where it went down. Tank was alright, he was new so I explained how to survive the dots and few tips and tricks I know from my tanking experience. The dps however kept burning the boss and ignoring the crystals. Eventually we had 2 bone colossus. The dps didn’t dodge roll the heavies so I definitely couldn’t do anything about it. Obviously, wiped.


Next pull, same thing. At this point I’m assuming they don’t know the fight, but with my experience of asking if they know the mechanics, I either get ignored or they would pick a fight, so I let it be (my mistake).

I decided to put on a Julianos set along with my jorvuld. Backbar I just added shalks (warden healer) to help with damage a little on the crystals.

Tank was dying so I turned and threw out healing springs and the seeds for him to synergize along with a few orbs.

The dps was yelling at me to focus on keeping the tank alive and that it’s my fault we keep wiping bc I’m not throwing enough heals. So I told him I’m healing AND dealing damage to crystals to avoid colossus and he just told me I’m not doing my job because the tank is always dying.

Next pull, I decided to just fully focus the tank and give him burst heals and just mutagen the dps while they focus crystals, which they finally did after I told them off for not doing it in the first place. Dps still died, tank still died. I asked the dps if he still wanted to tell me to do my job and he said “yes” so I just left group.

It was kinda my fault that I was petty towards the end and lessen the healing towards the dps and focus on the tank, but I just don’t like when I’m doing my role and still get criticized for it when my team chooses to ignore the mechanics.

TL;DR dps ignoring mechanics and wants to tell me how to do my role as a healer.

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