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[Guide] A very different Stamina DK PvP build!

TheElderScrolls9 - [Guide] A very different Stamina DK PvP build!

This build is quite unique and very competitive stat wise. I have been enjoying it immensely! I am on mobile so I will format as best I can; questions, comments are always welcome!

Sets: 5 medium 2 heavy 2hnder/bow. Bloodspawn 2 piece both heavy. 3 piece + weapon, trappings of invigoration. 3 piece + weapon, cyrodiil's ward. 2 jewelry piece agility set. The key is to have cyrodiil ward on your 2hnder bar and trappings on your bow. Body pieces all impenetrable (a well fitted here or there won't hurt). Jewelry traits I feel are fine tuned dependant on your race. Since I'm nord I went with 1 infused, 1 robust, 1 protective. Weapons both nirnhoned, tho bow could be infused if you like, but healing and playing defensively falls onto the bow bar, and nirn I felt was best.

Bar setup #1: 2hnded cyrodiil's ward maul. 1:noxious breath. 2: executioner. 3: caturize. 4: forward momentum. 5: molten whip. Ultimate: take flight/dawnbreaker. Bar setup #2: trapping of invigoration bow. 1: poison injection. 2: acid spray/flex spot. 3: igneous shield/ or fossilize. 4: vigor. 5: spiked armor. Ultimate: corrosive armor/ballista.

Stats unbuffed with blue stamina/health food and PvP zone health: 27.5k health. 11.5k magika. 34.5k stamina 400 health recovery. 500 mag recovery. 1370 stamina recovery. 3.2k weapon damage. 28% crit chance. 21.5k spell resist 20.5k physical resist. 3k critical resist. (You can go tri food too for Dk players who want a fat 16k magika pool, u only loose about 1k health and Stam.)

Enchants: weapon damage on all jewelry. Tri stats on 2 big pieces stamina on the rest. Weapon damage + on maul, and lightning or poison on bow.

Race: nord Mundus: warrior


Additional information/ playstyle: Sword and board can work, it can replace bow, I just haven't farmed it yet. Cyrodiils ward puts major defile with melee damage for 3 seconds every 5 seconds, great for burst Windows. Molten whip mechanics work best when you use noxious breath as a spammable, weaving with light attacks or a caturize heal here or there, but don't use the whip, or the stacks are consumed. Full weapon damage with everything on my kit running is 5.3kish so damage on this build is great. Defensively this build gets roughly 28k resistances with spiked armor up, and more when blood spawn procs. It also has crazy sustainability, since whenever you are on your bow bar and drop below 30% you get a 10k stamina pure stat injection from trapping; this can happen every 45 seconds!
All your offensive abilities except executioner are poison and give sustainability via passives thru cost reduction AND recovery. Acid spray only cost 1.7k to spam, so nightblades beware! Keep both blue and purple food on hand, so if you need a bigger magika pool for igneous or caturize spam, it's a snack away! Also if you are fine tuning the stats on this, higher Stam recovery is a waste. As a dk 1.6k recovery was a sweet spot for me, but this build sustains way better than that with only 1.3, I believe you could even run different monster sets if you felt so inclined, and drop to 1.1kish recovery. Don't invest to much cp to defile btw it scales poorly, Maybe get that major defile tooltip to 35% reduction at most.

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