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[Guide] Farming Furniture Plans for Fun and Profit

TheElderScrolls12 - [Guide] Farming Furniture Plans for Fun and Profit

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Ho there, all my sweetroll wanderers and big-booty Khajiits. As a long-time furniture enthusiast, I thought I'd undertake an exercise and try to compile all my furniture-farming knowledge into one comprehensive guide.

Note that this is a work in progress, so if anything here is incorrect, or there are tips you think I've missed, please let me know, and I'll update the post accordingly!


General Tips:

  • Eligible Containers: Furniture plans can most commonly be found in desks, backpacks, wardrobes, cabinets, trunks, nightstands, and urns.
  • Stealing vs. Looting: Plans and motifs have a lower drop rate when you "steal" from an owned container, rather than "loot" one out in the world. Thus, while there are fruitful farming locations in towns and cities, containers you can "loot" are always preferable.
  • Cooldowns: I haven't corroborated this with absolute certainty, but I have it on good authority that once a plan of a certain quality drops—e.g. blue or purple—there is a 30-minute cooldown until another plan of the same quality can drop for that character. I'd love for someone to prove me wrong, but it's something to keep in mind.


How (and Where) to Farm Specific Types of Furniture Plans

  • Dwarven Furniture: Dwarven furniture plans have a (very low) chance to drop from any Dwemer mob, like a spider or sphere, or any Dwarven container, like a jar or urn.
    • Where to Farm: Razak's Wheel (the public dungeon in Bangkorai) is the most ideal spot, as it has the largest concentration of Dwemer mobs, and plenty of pots and urns. Charge through the Imperials in the first half of the dungeon to reach the Dwemer mobs in the second half. Bonus: The Nchuleftingth public dungeon in Vvardenfell is a decent alternative if you need a change of scenery.

  • Ayleid Furniture: Ayleid furniture plans have a (very low) chance to drop from any mob in an Ayleid ruin: This includes delves, group dungeons, and public dungeons.
    • Where to Farm: Rulanyil's Fall (the public dungeon in Greenshade) and Bonesnap Ruin (the public dungeon in Stormhaven) both qualify as Ayleid ruins, and are equally suitable for farming.
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  • Great House (Morrowind) Furniture: Hlaalu, Telvanni, Redoran, Dres, and Indoril furniture plans have a chance to drop from any qualifying containers (or lock boxes) in the Vvardenfell zone.
    • Where to Farm: Dreloth Ancestral Tomb (south of Sadrith Mora) has 100+ lootable urns. If you start the related quest, but don't complete it, you'll have unlimited access to the entire tomb—otherwise, the second half of the tomb will be inaccessible.
    • Bonus: Morrowind Furniture Documents (sold by the Masterwork Vendor) are a reliable source of these plans. If you spend less than 1000 gold per voucher on both master writs and the materials used to complete them, you can generally guarantee a profit—and some plans are worth far more than the 50k-per-document you invest.

  • Alinor Furniture: Alinor furniture plans have a chance to drop from any qualifying containers in the Summerset zone. Certain blue plans can also be pickpocketed in that zone.
    • Where to Farm: Now that the Traitor's Vault in Artaeum has been patched, the Shimmerene Monastery is the most reliable farming location, as there are a large number of containers that can be looted without the need for stealing.
    • Bonus: The Alinor Pew is an outlier, and can ONLY be found through pickpocketing.

  • Murkmire Furniture: Murkmire furniture plans have a chance to drop from any qualifying containers in the Murkmire zone. Certain blue plans can also be pickpocketed in that zone.
    • Where to Farm: The unmarked dungeon Xul-Thuxis is hard to reach, but is the best (perhaps only) location to farm Murkmire plans without stealing. The Blackguard camp just inside the entrance is full of lootable containers, and better yet, the containers reset if you exit and re-enter the dungeon, allowing you to farm it endlessly on a single character.
    • Bonus: If you don't have the time to travel to Xul-Thuxis for a farming session, there are a number of containers to steal from in both the Bright-Throat Village (check the Tree-Minder and Egg-Minders' huts) and Lilmoth (check the market). Since blue plans can also be pickpocketed from NPCs in Murkmire, you can run a steady circuit through both settlements, picking and stealing along the way.
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  • Clockwork Furniture: Clockwork furniture plans have a chance to drop from any qualifying containers in the Clockwork City zone, and a (very small) chance to drop from any Factotum mob.
    • Where to Farm: Unfortunately, there is no ideal location for farming Clockwork plans. There are an assortment of containers you can steal from in the Brass Fortress, but the only consistent approach is to farm factotum mobs across the overland zone.

  • Miscellaneous Plans
    • Breton Throne (Gold): This plan can be pickpocketed from Nobles in Wayrest.
    • Orcish Thrones (Gold): All three plans can be pickpocketed from Nobles in Orsinium.
    • Wood Elf Throne (Gold): This plan can be pickpocketed from Nobles in Elden Root. If you are stealthy (or have Invisibility potions), the palace throne room is the most fruitful spot.
    • Khajiit Skooma Bubbler (Purple): This plan can be pickpocketed from any "Drunkard" NPC. Both Skywatch and Windhelm are full of them, thanks to the perpetual festivals being held in those cities.

That's it for now! I hope this was helpful (and reasonably accurate). Whether you're farming plans to learn and collect, or simply to sell at market, I hope you find what you're looking for.

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