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[Guide] Stacking XP at New Life Event

TheElderScrolls5 - [Guide] Stacking XP at New Life Event

Whether you are leveling a new toon or grinding up CP, it seems a lot of folks like to take advantage of the New Life double XP event. Whether you grind in Skyreach, Alikr, hit public dungeons, quest, do dailies, random dungeons and BGs, turn in writs, or just kill everything in sight, there are more ways to maximize that XP besides just drinking from Breda's Bottomless Mead Mug.

But let's start with that one. Once you have the mug, don't forget to drink from it every 2 hours to get the XP bonus. If you are going into PVP land, unlike driving, you want to drink before you go as someone doesn't think drinking and fighting should mix.

Other sources of XP include all of those XP scrolls (50%, 100%, and 150%) that you have been getting from daily logins each month. If you haven't used them up, now is the time to go ahead and use them while you are grinding XP. If I recall correctly, XP scrolls do NOT stack with one another. If this information is incorrect, someone please correct me in the comments – as I am sure you would gladly do without me asking. 🙂

While you may have received these scrolls for free, the 50% ones are also available in the Crown Store in the Utility section. All 3 types are available randomly from Crown Crates (not the recommended method as it is not assured). The scrolls I see most commonly are 2 hour scrolls, but I have seen 1 hour scrolls as well so pay attention to the timers when using them.


Another good source of XP are the Ambrosia drinks and these DO stack with XP scrolls. The "cheaper" and more commonly available one that is 50% XP boost is Psijic Ambrosia. The much more expensive one is Aetherial Ambrosia with 100% XP boost. They are both available in guild traders if you don't have the recipes. They last for 30 min each, so pay attention to timers when combining with scrolls.

The reason Ambrosia is not that cheap is one of the ingredients is Perfect Roe. So if you are an Angler who has some of that, you may want to ask one of your crafting buddies to make you some. The Aetherial is so expensive due to ingredients. It requires an Ambrosia drink plus a writ-purchased ingredient in order to make it. Thus, it is very expensive to make.

I have not tested whether Ambrosia and Aetherial will stack., but they should. They state that their bonus is compatible with other foods and drinks. But if anyone has utilized these previously, please leave a note in the comments section verifying that they do work together.

So in order to really maximize your grinding time during the event:

Drink from Breda's Bottomless Mead Mug – 2 hr

Use an XP scroll (either 50, 100, or 150%) – 2 hr

Drink a Psijic Ambrosia – 30 min

Drink an Aetherial Ambrosia – 30 min

Oh, and don't forget to have fun!!!

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