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TheElderScrolls13 - Guide to Indriks

People are often confused about indriks so here's a little guide to getting them.

  • There are two levels of indrik – the nascent and the evolved. There is only one kind of nascent, but several kinds of evolved ones. Each quarter there is a new evolved indrik introduced, so more types keep coming.
  • To get a nascent indrik you need one of each of four types of feathers. Once you have all four collected, you can 'use' them in your collections panel and it will turn into a nascent indrik.
  • To get an evolved indrik, you need to collect one of each of four types of berries. The berries are used to evolve a nascent indrik into the evolved indrik. So you also need a nascent indrik. Once you have all four berries collected, and you have your nascent indrik, you can 'use' the berries in your collections panel and it will turn your nascent indrik into the evolved version associated with the berries you collected (four spectral berries for the spectral indrik, four tranquil icebreath berries for the tranquil icebreath indrik, etc). Berries always need a nascent indrik to work, so you will always need the 4 berries and 4 feathers to get any one kind of indrik.
  • I should also add that the nascent indrik is a mount in itself, so if you just want a nascent indrik all you need are the four feathers. If you want the nascent in addition to your evolved indrik, you need to collect another four feathers after evolving your mount, so that you can get another nascent indrik.
  • Each feather costs 10 event tickets, each berry costs 10 event tickets. So you need 40 tickets total for the nascent indrick, 40 tickets for the berries to evolve if you want to, for a total of 80 tickets per evolved mount. The feathers and berries can be bought from the Impresario. There's one in each starter zone. For example, one near the stables in Davon's Watch (Stonefalls).

Here's what I recommend you do if you want an indrik:

  • Do event daily activities to get event tickets. You can hold a maximum of 12 tickets at any given time, so make sure you spend enough that you won't lose any. If you already have 12 tickets and do a ticket-earning activity, you will not earn tickets for that activity.
  • Always spend on the berries first. Feathers are available year-round, but the berries for each indrik type are only available for that quarter. There will be four events during each quarter, each of which will introduce the next of the four berries. While they do also offer previously released berries for that quarter, I think 'better safe than sorry' – grab your berries first.
  • Once you have all the available berries that are on offer from the Impresario, then and only then should you spend tickets on feathers.

So far ZOS has not offered berries from previously released mounts, so it seems that when an evolved indrik type is offered for a particular quarter, it will only ever be available for that quarter. If you want a specific type, get it while you can.

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