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Half a year F2P player Report + Prognosis

TheElderScrolls8 - Half a year F2P player Report + Prognosis

I am a F2P player and I soely play games which allow me to grind for the ingame assets instead of spending money. I love to accomplish something purely via gameplay efforts and this is my main motivation; to spend time in game, to get better, to gain knowledge, find optimum value/hour plays.. and basically, to win the game. I am also competitive by nature, but many games lately don't reward that personal trait very much. Thus, naturally, I am very much interested in efficiency and optimum gameplay efforts because they give me satisfaction in relation to my motivation. In TESL, it is quite simple, my goal is to get 100% card collection. A bit of a background -I'm 39yo and my other games are Path of Exile (playing for 6+ years) and Chess (for 30+ years). I used to play Quake2 and QuakeLive competitively.. earned around 700-800$ in my videogaming career. Spent most of it on travel expenses and junk food.. 🙂

Anyways, back to TESL. Today, after maybe 8-9 months of time since I joined (out of which 6 months which I played @ ~4 hours per day), I've reached a milestone. I managed to collect all common and rare cards in the game. 100% commons and 100% rares. FeelsGood. Also, I've bought all story, premade decks and puzzles for gold, so, except tickets and packs, I don't have nothing else to spend gold anymore. Level 50, Rank 1 Solo Arena, rank 1 Versus Arena. All premium cards I ever get are getting dusted, no matter what they are. I estimate a total of ~1100 hours played TESL so far. My current bank – 0 tickets, 500 souls, 4k gold.

Now the interesting part. I was curious to know how far am I from the full 100% TESL collection. I did some manual counting and, well, I'm still missing 212 legendaries and 238 epics. Which is, no more and no less, exactly – 349600 souls. Lets round it to 350k souls.

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Currently, with my careful tracking of daily activity, rewards, daily gold, sporadic twitch drop, I calculated that I estimate to around 150-200 souls per hour "income" via Ladder and Versus Arena play. I don't grind AI because it is fvcking soul crushing. 🙂

I play mostly very fast decks (some call them aggro), I tend to train myself to play my turns super fast (5-10 seconds tops). In Versus Arena I always try to pick fast face-ish oriented decks. My best legendary monthly rank is 120-ish and overall but I don't have motivation to go legendary any more because foiled cards are no use to me. I might push sometimes for top 100 or top 10 card backs, but it is not a priority.

So, to conclude, @200 souls income per hour (which is very optimistic number BTW) and 350k gold needed to complete collection (not counting in future sets which are gonna bring tons of new cards!) I am in for additional 1750 hours of super sharp and optimum TESL grind. At average of 2,5 hours per day (got a little kid and 2 jobs btw), thats around 700 days or roughly, 2 years of sharp F2P TESL.

Conclusion or TL:DR. It takes ~3k hours of super sharp and optimum F2P to gather a full collection. Average player should expect it somewhere at 5-6k hours or more. Would love to hear from /u/CVH or Sparky, are these aggregates accurate and what do you think, are they realistic expectation at which you want to build your F2P population of the game? TY

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