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TheElderScrolls4 - Harder Story Bosses

This is my idea for an optional difficulty for Story bosses. I'll lay it out in the post but there is link if you want to take a look at it.

TL;DR summary:

Story Bosses are not fun because they are made too easy for the sake of accessibility. So we should give them optional difficulty, up to par with other Veteran content. In order to do make both sides happy we'd have to make them separate modes and since normal mode already has rewards, we'll give the Veteran difficulty its own rewards. So let's make it repeatable. It would give long term engagement and enrich the older content. More for your buck. Everyone get’s something. Win-Win.

This is purely about how the gameplay of a main story boss impacts the story.

The Story does not have to purely cater to new or casual players. Many Longtime Endgame Players, including myself, are tired of Story Bosses that are designed for casual players which can be easily dispatched. It’s hard to care about the story when the final antagonist can be beaten in 2 seconds. It can seriously undercut the story.

We want the Main Antagonists to be memorable experiences that live up the how the stories build them up. We want to look forward to fighting them.

In order to balance this out with new or casual players, this would require the separate veteran instance to have different mechanics. Because story bosses like the Dragons in Elweyr we’re just pure time gates. They were seriously extremely anti-climatic.

That issue would not be resolved by “self nerfing“. Speaking as somebody that was using less than ideal gear & stats, it was still a boring fight – in fact even more so because it just took longer. Mechanics are what makes or breaks a good boss fight. End of story.

In my opinion; If your campaign big bad isn’t remotely end game content, even as an option, then they’re a wasted main villain that are ultimately forgotten about because no one will take them seriously. Period.


So – only for Main Story Bosses – have two separate instances for them.
– Normal
– Veteran

Up to four people can load into your instance, but you do not require four people to participate.
In either instance, bosses would still be designed to be beaten by a single player, but your friends can still tagalong.

The difference being that boss in veteran mode would have more challenging mechanics than they do in normal mode. Normal Mode is left the way it is in-game right now.

With Mechanics being reviewed more than several bosses would need review. I have them listed in the link.

Since this has separate modes and therefore would become a repeatable activity –
It would not hurt to throw in some cosmetic rewards for certain achievements in veteran mode.

They could earn titles, colors, emotes, costumes, pets, mounts, decorations, single signature motif item, etc. The quality of the item would be dependent on the achievement accomplished.

Overall the point being is that this is a story boss and not a dungeon or trial, also the focus of this post is on the challenge and not monetary reward.

(But maybe a mythic item tied to a specific Story Boss would be cool)

How would this affect Achievements?
Let's take Elsweyr for example. (Northern & Southern)

Right now there are
– General
– Exploration
– Quests
– Trial (Sunspire)

My proposal would add one more section called "Lairs". This way players can still complete General, Exploration, and Quests and would not rob any of them of the progress they have already made so far.

– General
– Exploration
– Quests
– Trial (Sunspire)
Lair (Jode's Core, Doomstone Keep, & Dragonhold) NEW

This is the basic idea and I think it works. It would work for both casual and endgame players. It’d make the story Bosses more exciting for many of us. It doesn’t drastically split the player base and there’s something for everyone.

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