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Having trouble deciding on Templar or Warden Healer

TheElderScrolls8 - Having trouble deciding on Templar or Warden Healer

I'm sure this has been posted many times before so sorry about this before hand. I recently just started playing ESO with a friend and I decided to roll a Khajiit Warden Healer. I know Khajiit aren't anyone's first pick for a Magicka healer but it's what I picked haha. I am currently level 41 and have been enjoying it SO much. I do notice that it's heals aren't super instant and when people are running around a bunch it's kind of scary trying to keep people up. I primarily am going to be playing the game with my friend while she plays a Stam Sorc so here's my dilemma

I keep reading online about how Templar is A. Much easier to heal with and B. Heals are just better.
If i were to change race I would go Dark Elf because I really like their looks but my questions are,

For playing with 1 other person mainly is warden pretty good?

I really enjoy doing Craglorn with them with just the two of us and doing some of the harder content 2 manned is pretty fun. Would templar make this easier?

I don't foresee getting into Vet trials as we play this game on the side of raiding in WoW together but how are Wardens in Normal Trials? Vet Dungeons are something I would like to get into as well.

I don't really care about pvp however as we just go in there and have fun regardless of whats happening. Thank you!

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