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Headcanon of the Elder Scrolls Universe circa 5E 29

TheElderScrolls9 - Headcanon of the Elder Scrolls Universe circa 5E 29

This is not canon whatsoever, and is merely my own headcanon for what I viewed as a fun "what if" to entertain myself.

This spans roughly 230 years. It spans from 4E 206(-407) to 5E 29.

The lore isn't very developed as I did it in my spare time.

4E 206: Solitude falls to the Stormcloaks bringing an end to the Skyrim Civil War, and saw the secession of the Provence of Skyrim from the Empire.

4E 208: Skyrim and Hammerfell create the Northern Pact, a military alliance forged for the purpose of combating the Dominion.

4E 231: The Northern Pact via Skyrim issues a Declaration of War on the Dominion sighting the decades of torture and murder of Nords by the Thalmor.

4E 244: Redguard Galleons break the Dominion Warships defensive lines allowing a Nordic raiding fleet to slip past the blockade. The Nords carried out devastating raids on the Summerset Isles including the sacking of Alinor (city).

4E 245: The Dominion surrenders to the Northern Pact with the signing of the Third Treaty of Stros M'kai.

4E 291: The Houses Coup sees all Dark Elf lands under occupation by the Argonia independent, and saw the rise of a new dynasty onto the throne of Argonia.

4E 302: The Dominion issues a Declaration of War to the Empire thus starting the Second Great War.

4E 307: 2/3rds of the Cyrodiil is overrun when the Northern Pact officially enters the 2nd Great War on the Empires Side.

4E 309: Argonia joins the war on the Dominions side.

4E 312: The Second Great War has drawn to a complete stalemate.

4E 326: Titus Mede IV dies without and heir leaving the Empire in a regency which the Dominion seized upon and occupied nearly all of Cyrodiil.

4E 332: Reduard, Nord, Orc and Breton forces push the Dromion Completely out of Cyrodiil.

4E 333:All nations under complete economic, industrial, and manpower strain are no longer able to continue the war. The saw the signing of the White-Gold Armistice.

4E 335: The Empire with still no heir and the regents all vying for power and control sees Civil War erupt all across Cyrodiil.

4E 336: The Dominion breaks the armistice and launches and Full Scale Invasion of Cyrodiil seeing that this was their best chance to break mainland Tamriel's ability to resist the Dominions might ever again.

4E 337: The Northern Pact while still not recovered from the Second Great War join the defense of the Empire in the Third. Argonia does the same with the Dominion.

4E 339: The Empire bankrupt, devastated, leaderless, and spent surrenders to the Dominion with the signing of the 2nd White-Gold Concordant which saw the ceding of Imperial lands to Valenwood, Elswyr, and Argonia.


4E 343: The Dominion starts to collapse under the way of two back to back great wars coupled with the withdrawal of all Argonian forces back to Black Marsh, and the near total domination of the seas by the Northern Pact saw the Dominion surrender with the signing of the Daggerfall Concordant.

4E 345: High Rock secedes from the Empire and joins the Northern Pact.

4E 396: The Dominion is still unable to recover from the Great Wars and is in total collapse.

4E 407: With the collapse of the Empire of Dominion while the rest of Tamriel's nations recovered with new powers made evident the Forth Era was declared over.

5E 012: Orcs from all over Tamriel flock to Orsinium (a grand Dutchy loosely allied to Skyrim for their warriors actions during the Great Wars.)

5E 014: High Rock formally denounces Skyrim for its recognition of Orsinium, and bans Orcs from gathering in numbers larger that 20.

5E 016: Alinor, Morrowind, Elsweyr and Argonia all formally recognize Orsinium.

5E 019: The Raven Springs Massacre Occurs leaving 162 Orcs killed by Bretons. Orsinium demands the Bretons be brought to justice, but High Rock refuses. Orsinium proceeds to Declare War on High Rock in the name of Defense of their Kin.

5E 022: Evermore, Farrum and Jehanna have all fallen to Orsinium. Redguard Volunteers and War Material arrive to aid High Rock.

5E 023: Orcish forces discover Eagle Brook Death Camp, and Orcs from all over Tamriel rush to join the the fight against High Rock, and War Supplies arrive in Orsinium form Skyrim.

5E 024: Argonia Declares a War of Reconquest against Morrowind. Skyrim Joins the Argonians side to take Solstheim after a massive Gold Mine was discovered. The Imperial Remnant immediately sent relief supplies to Morrowind.

5E 029: Cultural differences in Elsweyr ignited into Civil War between Anequina and Pelletine. The Imperial Remnant and Argonia send War Supplies and Volunteers to aid Anequina, while Valenwood sends Volunteers, War and Relief Supplies to Pallentine.

That's everything I have so far, so please let me know what you think and if what I have made fits with pre established canon (ex's: if an Elsweyr civil war would actually happen, or if Skyrim would even recognize the Orsinium.)

Edit: Spelling and Tech issues with picture (which is now in the comments)

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