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Healer gear build question (below 200CP)

TheElderScrolls8 - Healer gear build question (below 200CP)

When looking at advised healer builds on Alcast and ESO Academy they give somewhat different information. Both agree though on Seducer and that Vestment of the Warlock is a viable option. Alcast also recommends Earthgore for all builds, which I think is funny since the helmet requires 300CP to acquire.

At this moment my healer is ~180CP and I'm using Wisdom of Vanus, Healer's Habit along with Chokethorn (thinking of exchanging it for Sentinel of Rkugamz).


For the Vanus set I have the Essense Drain set and am mainly using heavy attacks in parties to trigger it constantly (it appears it also triggers when using the Twilight Martiarch BTW) as well as add an other 25% to my healing done. Along with the Healer's Habbit I have Major Mending increasing my healing with 58%.
As Boon I'm using Thief (of course) and only 1 of my gear pieces (all are purple BTW) gives an addiotional 6.5% on the boon effect, increasing my healing with 16.5% total, making my total increased healing ~75%.

Of course, when I hit 300 I will go for the Earthgore helmet, which is certainly a MUST HAVE for any healer.

My question is if my current healing gear is good enough and if so, up to what CP level? I also like to know what possible changes I could/should make to the setup I'm using.
I also picked up a piece of Light Speaker, Spell Power Cure and Robes of Transmutation and would like to know if any of these 3 sets is viable as well in any setup.

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