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Healer “tips”, explained

TheElderScrolls11 - Healer "tips", explained

TL;DR: don't stand in stupid, I can't heal you if you're behind me… But here's why…

Two days ago, I (810cp healer) was in vArx in a PUG with an 810 tank, 810 dps and 200ish cp dps. Everything went fine until we got to the last boss (hardmode) where the 200 had quite a bit of trouble stating alive. We didn't give them crap or anything–we were handling it fine and obviously a 200 is gonna struggle a bit compared to 810s. However, I could tell that the 200 was getting frustrated at themselves for dying so much because he was saying things in chat like "sorry, I'm new" and "wtf why am I so one shot" and ":("… Towards end (when they were dead and we were in execute mode) they said "you guys are doing awesome!" and asked for some tips. I simply said "meh, it comes with the CP and experience, just keep playing :)". I mean, that's not untrue but as soon as I left the dungeon I felt like I had done them a disservice but not actually giving advice when I definitely could have, so I really hope they're reading this. I thought of a few things I could have said and figured I'd take them time to explain two things healers often say that usually sound like complaints/demands (which can definitely lower morale) rather than tips/advice (not necessarily specific to vArx or the 200 I was with)…

"Don't stand in stupid" – basically, if there's a negative AoE (big red circle of badness–you can change the color of this circle in your settings, I have mine set to bright pink so it's more noticeable) on the ground, get out of it and stay out of it. These AoEs can damage and/or debuff you over time and sometimes even affect you after you've left the AoE. I can usually heal you through it (depending on the content), but it'd be better for everyone if I didn't have to. A (good) healer does more than just keep you alive. I give buffs to make you hit harder, I debuff the boss to make them more vulnerable, I throw synergies to help you regain resources, I throw down elemental blockade to knock enemies off balance. I'm more helpful to the group if I can keep these buffs up instead of spamming a single ability to keep you alive if that can be avoided. Also, stepping out of the AoE doesn't mean running all around the room. It not only makes it harder for me to hit you with heals, but you could also be dragging adds across the room which the tank could be holding close to the boss, making it easier to do damage to the group of enemies instead of one or two.


"i can't heal you if you're behind me" – a lot of healing skills (but definitely not all) are directional, so you have to be in my line of sight for them to help you. But there's more to it than that. One of the first things I do when entering a fight (after ele drain, of course) is put down some skills to heal and/or buff you over time that stay on the ground for a while that will help you if you're in the skill's radius–usually anywhere from 8 to 24 meters, which should still give you room to move around if needed. If you're way in the back of the room you won't get the heals/buffs, and just because you're far away doesn't mean you'll avoid damage. A ranged attack, a stray add, a crazy jump attack from the boss that's triggered specifically by someone being far away… The passive heals from my AoE HoTs can buy a few seconds for me to hit breath of life (which heals allies in front of me) for you. If I have to turn and find you, it could be too late… Rip, you.

Obviously there are situations and mechs that can mess everything up, but these are some generalities that allow me to be a better healer and make you a better DPS–Help me help you! I've only been healing for like two months and I LOVE it and I'm glad I've learned the details behind two sentences that healers sometimes just yell, which can come across as a complaint or even insult to a player that maybe isn't as experienced. We were all 200 cp once, please keep that in mind.

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