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Healing in this game is absolutely brilliant

TheElderScrolls8 - Healing in this game is absolutely brilliant

I started playing 2 months ago and only played a stamina DK as my main character so far. Currently 400-something CP.

A few days ago I was a bit bored and decided to put the current exp perma-boost to good use and I created a templar. Healer this time, mostly to get fast queues.

Standard stuff until level 10 and then I decided to level entirely with dungeons. Not only it has been very fast, but it's been incredibly enjoyable. I really like how dynamic healing is in this game. Single target HoT, ground target HoT, big single target heals, while also buffing and contributing with damage. I'm having a blast with this character.

At first I was a bit worried when I got into all low level groups, but the first dungeons are stupid easy, so everything went smoothly. I was also a bit worried when I got into high-CP groups in more difficult dungeons, but I realized a non-CP healer is still effective and isn't dead weight like a low-level DD. Nobody ever complained, so the journey to level 50 has been very smooth.

I only had two failures.

The first one was Darkshade Caverns II. I was level 47 or 48 and the other three between 200 and 300CP. Should have been a piece of cake, but the two DD were atrociously bad. Low damage, one-shotted all the time at the final boss, so I gave up.


The second failure was today in normal Bloodroot Forge. Good tank, but the two DD didn't have enough damage to quickly burn down the amalgam AND they also refused to use the two fountains. So between the magma and the big pounding attack we took way too much damage. Gave up after 5 or 6 tries.

Two things I noticed.

There is a surprising amount of DDs going into dungeons with 11-12K HP.

And a lot of people seem unable to realize how beneficial those glowing circles on the ground are. I use both healing spring and extended ritual and, in most situations, the two HoT are more than enough against trash mobs, IF people stay inside. But a lot of DDs enjoy running around for no apparent reason. Everything is SO smooth when people don't run around all the time.

Now I'm doing a mix of easy veteran dungeons and the more difficult normal ones. Except bloodroot, the first couple DLC dungeons went quite smoothly.

I'm having so much fun with this character, I don't know if I will keep doing dungeons with the DK. The queues are so long and the gameplay not as interesting. So I think it will be the overland completionist and BG character.

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