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Hello everyone, so i have around 250 hours in ESO. So far i have leveled a nightblade Bosmer to 180-ish CP and purchased a Hundings / agility set of gear because i figured i needed to up my dps. Im playing a Stam Bow on mainbar with dual daggers (because of set bonuses) for just buffing on my second bar.

I deal around 10-12k dps on singletarget and multitarget ive seen numbers like 24-30k dps obviously depending on enemy density.

Ive done quite a few dungeons here and there and tried some veteran dungeons aswell, yesterday i made my way to the arena in orsinium because i wanted to give it a shot, didnt knew anything about it.

So im a full on noob in this game i know the mere basics i think? I dont know how to improve my character from this point on, i die alot in various dungeons because of some (to me) invisible confusing mechanics.

the only mechanics i seem to be able to avoid are the ones indicated by red circles on the ground.

Im a fairly experienced wow player if that helps to make any comparisons but i think that might just be my problem with ESO. Im a wow-head i only know wow and always just played wow, so i guess im doing things the -wow- way?

I figured positioning my "hunter" on the far back on my team got me killed quite more than just stand right in the middle of things so the healers can reach me better and i can make use of synergy healing stuff.

I realized very late that bufffood is a HUGE thing in this game, some of the better one almost give me half of my total health as bonus or yield and extreme stamina increase.

Im very comfortable with my rotations and spells, in the open world i tend to kill things very quick while in dungeons i feel like im merely scratching boss-monsters sometimes dropping to 9k dps makes this even worse.

So far i enjoyed ESO alot , those few hours i have in the game i spent mostly solo propably due to me enjoying thievery and murdering npcs in towns and selling their rubbish. I really like the RPG elements ESO has to offer but i fail to understand its PVE-progression system.


I figured that armor penetration should be a good stat so i took the armor pen boonstone(?) and upgraded my gear more toward that stat and it did improve my dmg! I also reasssigned my CP to armor pen.

even tho my dmg did to up by quite a bit i feel like im hitting like a wet noodle in dungeons.

people seem to leave alot of the dungeon groups and i think it might be because of me, my low dps, and my low survivability due to me just not knowing the mechanics because i just dont SEE them, like i dont know if they are telegraphed in any way but i just dont get it.

keep in mind im a veteran wow player so im used to bosses having their core mechanics and repeat them in any form or fashion, for example killing adds that buff/heal the bosses etc. Sometimes in ESO when i see a caster looking enemy using some sort of beam on the guy i want to kill i go on the caster first because im figuring its either upping my targets defense/dmg or its straight up healing it so, i get rid of the caster guy asap?

aaaaaanyways, next is progression : I have no clue what im supposed to do in this game lol.

Im lost im running around trying to find anything that may just yield some rewards for my character gear wise, even tho i understand that there are certain armor-sets i just strive for which would bind me to certain dungeons in order to obtain that particular set.

This is by no means any form of critique toward the games you guys all know and love but i just seem to fail to understand it, and after so many hours i dont want to drop it because i like my character so much!

So please, help me enjoy the game!


TLDR: I suck at game pls help

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