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Help me understand dps magplar passives

TheElderScrolls14 - Help me understand dps magplar passives

I'm trying to understand why virtually all build guides I see online for dps magplar recommend taking all passives in the Restoring Light skill line. Pretty much every guide out there recommends taking all class passives, and I don't understand why.

I feel like some of them are wasting skill points, and if I am wrong, I would like to understand why. I am really only interested in dungeons and trials on my dps magplar, and I want to save as many skill points as possible because he is my crafter.

Most build guides vary slightly, if at all, regarding active abilities, so this character is very much a standard dps magplar – blessed shards, wall of elements, damage orb, purifying light, stabby jabs, channeled acceleration, radiant oppression execution, etc etc. Mother's Sorrow, False God, Crushing Wall, Maw of the Infernal. You play with people using this build every day.

OK, on to my questions, specifically examining what I understand about the Restoring Light line.

The only active ability from Restoring Light that my dps magplar has slotted is Channeled Focus (on the backbar). Channeled Focus lasts 20 seconds, grants Major Resolve, and helps sustain via 240 Magicka every second. It can be useful during long, single-target fights.

The first passive in Restoring Light is called Mending. It increases healing effects from Restoring Light abilities by up to 12%, depending on the severity of the target's wounds. I don't understand why a dps magplar would want it, as the only slotted ability from Restoring Light does no healing. However, pretty much all guides say to take 'all class passives.'

The second passive is called Sacred Ground. While standing in a rune cast by my slotted ability Channeled Focus, it grants Minor Mending, increasing healing done by 8%. It also increases the amount I can block by 10%. Again, I don't understand why I should put two skill points into this passive, since I'm not healing. I guess you could argue the blocking part helps, but with a decent tank, very little time is ever spent blocking.


The third passive is called Light Weaver. With it, healing an ally under 50% grants them 2 ultimate, and some spell/phys resistance is granted when casting the Restoring Light ultimate that I don't have slotted. I don't see any use for this passive for dps magplar, but again, virtually all guides recommend all class passives.

The fourth passive is called Master Ritualist. Its main benefits are that it increases resurrection speed, and players get more health when they are revived. I think this passive is extremely important, as a few seconds can be the difference between a wipe and a clear. This is the only Restoring Light passive that I agree is important for magplar dps.

Finally, I have similar questions about a Mages Guild passive. I slot the Mages Guild ultimate Shooting Star always. On easier content, I slot Inner Light because it grants Major Prophecy and +5% max magicka passively just from being slotted (on harder content, I sometimes switch it for Harness Magicka from Light Armor, and get Major Prophecy from Elixir of Spellpower pots). Inner Light, when slotted, is never actively used; it's just slotted for its passives.

Now, one Mages Guild passive that I often see recommend for dps magplar is called Mage Adept. It reduces the magicka and health costs of Mages Guild abilities by 15%. Why would I want that? Neither MG ability that I slot uses health or magicka – shooting Star costs ultimate, and Inner Light is never cast.

If anyone could help me see what I'm missing, I would appreciate it. I know that having a diverse set of skills/passives can be useful for changing stuff on the fly, like if a group readjusts during a prog session. Being able to add support is valuable, but is not what I'm looking for on this guy. This character is just something that I want to do daily vet pledges and occasional trials with. I also know that some people will say that there are enough skill points for everything, so just use them anyway. However, this guy is a crafter with a lot of points in crafting lines, and I want to understand why I use every skill point I invest.

Thank you for your help.

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