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Okay y'all, heres the helping post of the month.

I'm going to link multiple sites to help people follow, and progress through the. Game a bit easier. In example, fishing, lorebooks, skyshards.

Yes all these apps are available but the sites I will link are highly accurate with ALOT of detail.

I will alsonpost pictures in comments for following sites with a comment of what site

First up we have


This site is the map of ALL regions of tamerial inside eso. And it is updated frequently.

Features here include a HIGHLY detailed map with a deep zoom to more accurately go where you need to go instead of wandering the surrounding area. It also comes with a search bar, when typing though it has to be the specific name you're typing. Great way to find skyshards and lorebooks and even chests and heavy sacks, not to mention locations of M'aiq and world events for completionists. Not only does it display the map of zones but you can enter into Public Dungeon maps, Delves, Dungeons and Trial maps.

Next will be for those who love to fish or just trying out to get master angler title

This one is a very good one. You can select and unselect what fishing holes to see, this was taken from PC data and out into a similar map that uesp uses. It will even display how many of each type of water in the zone and its highly accurate (NOTE: not all fishing holes are up at once, you may have to fish other types before the type you need comes back up. I.E. only X amount of holes are available per zone, spread out across the types)

Next is surveys


Now this site has more than just a list of survey locations in depth, that I recommend checking out. But I normally go here after ibuave a few dozen surveys and just grind out mats on some down time. The map isn't as zoomable as uesp is but not too bad either. It will start you off toboick which zone you'd like to chose, and a simple click brings you right into the zone displaying all the locations for the surveys.

This next one is a favorite sites, its the Russian data miner site. I don't know about other browsers but chrome seems to do just fine in translation to read in English.

Every PTS they normally have what's to be expected in the crown store till the next pts cycle. They also will leak future content time from time.

This one is a simple one but one many don't use

The forums are an amazing place to help answer questions you may have or even keep up with the Dev tracker they have (similar to the app that follows when Devs comment)

This link will take you to the mathematics of how damage works in eso if you'd like to learn as well

And finally one that comes from (this website has thought of everything for every TES game)

Its a build similutator the most in depth one you will find. I recommend using a laptop or computer for this one rather than your phone, its gets kinda screwy. But really really good

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