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TheElderScrolls11 - Hey y'all

I've never been a massive voice in this community, but ill miss this community.

I'm haven't been here since the beta, but i've been here for three years at this point, i started close to the start of my freshman year, and this game and its commjnity has given me something to look forward to at the end of a long day of school, something to do when i was bored in study hall, a group of people to relate to without having to have said a single word.

This game had so many firsts for me, the first time i cared enough to track almost every card that got revealed in an expansion, the first time i was able to link a username to it history, the first time i paid money towards microtransactions and felt good. The first time i watched a stream from start to finish

This game taught me how to build my own decks, how to understand curve, teching, the archetypes, combos, chances, when a card looks good but just doesn't fit. It taught me how to take my losses and moce to the next game knowing what went wrong and how to fix it. This isn't my first card game, but i think it the best one i'll ever end up having.


What hurts the most isnt that i've spent money on the game for it to just be gone, what hurts the most is i don't think there will be another card game that i can hold onto like i did with Legends, i've played rather consustently for three years only taking the occasional break here or there, and ive tried other games on the market, mythgard, eternal, gwent, teppen, hearthstone, and none of them could hold up with legends and it felt to be apart of the community for this game.

And even though i know its unlikely, i hope bethesda returns to legends, even if i have to wait years for essentially a reboot of the game , i'll take it, i just hope they dont leave this behind

But at this potential end lets look to all of the people who have been here To direwolf, to sparky, and to bethesda for making the game To CVH, for being one of the best community managers we could ever ask for To the mods, for keeping this subbreddit from collapsing To the streamers and the youtubers, those still here or those who have lobg since been gone, for being here through wherever they were here And finally to the players, for playing a game we loved or hated

Hope to see y'all later, whether its here or in another game, cause this was one of the best communities ive ever been apart of, thank you

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