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So, I just had two different experiences reminding me of interesting stuff we players are "missing out on". First of, I got reminded that tier 5 weapons and shields are a thing. For those who don't know (because I went really long without doing so myself), there's the 4 tiers of graphics for the weapons, shields and armor of the base racial motifs that everyone can see and use in the outfit station. However, there's also a hidden 5th tier of weapons and shields specifically, which is used for the gray non-set items you find in the tutorial areas or steal, as well as the "The Master's" sets from Dragonstar Arena.

In an ESO where even Trial (such as Welkynar) and Undaunted (such as Troll King) sets from DLCs are available in the outfit station, why is a vanilla motif that players can pick up in tutorial areas, and see npcs using, not available?


Second experience: I accidentally attacked a Mages Guild Reseacher at Glenumbra Moors on an alt. Apart from reminding me to turn off attack innocents on the alt, I saw the npc doing something I've often wished was possible for players: They used a sword in their right hand, and a spell in the left. When I was next to them, they slashed with the sword, when I ran away to use a pardon edict, I got hit with magic bolts from their left hand on the way out.

If one-handed+spell (or rune, as I can read from online datamining) has been in the game for npcs since vanilla – as indicated by being used by an npc in a vanilla zone – can we at some point get it as players?

Seriously, both of these things are really cool, and I'd love to have access to them, but since they're vanilla content, it seems like it's forgotten, which is a real shame for (again) such cool content.

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