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High CPers, be good to your Tamrielic brethren and sisters, like those who once were to you: we’re all of the same world.

TheElderScrolls10 - High CPers, be good to your Tamrielic brethren and sisters, like those who once were to you: we're all of the same world.

I've come back to the game after a two-year hiatus, and I must say, despite being far from shot, it saddens me to see all the vote kicks, belittlement, and overall lack of empathy for those starting out from those at the echelon of knowing the ins-and-outs of this game.


Take it back to 2015/2016, when so many of you were fresh off the Vet Rank grind under 200CP, roaming Imperial City and basking in the glory of what you knew to be the first of many DLCs to come. I saw each and every one of you gloat about your heavy armor 2h sustainability, your botched magicka builds that focused on breaking that 3k sp. dmg barrier and lasting 25 seconds into a boss fight, your newly acquired Boethiah's Scythe titles, that craptastic BoL spam that made you think you were the best healer in the game.


We were all shit.


But we were all shit together, and there were the few who actually grouped up and completed the Craglorn trials, back when they were just as hard as CR hm on just vet difficulty. We knew we were no different than those who knew nothing of the game, but we worked with eachother and goddamnit did it feel amazing to stand tall in Belkarth with our new dyes.


I don't get that same vibe anymore.



Now there's an immense elitist CP cap mentality that turns off so many of those who are exactly what we were 4 years ago. We all tried our best without knowing anything, and so are they. Difference is, we didn't have an objective label of experience to downplay us. But we knew deep down that we could conquer whatever Tamriel had to throw at us, because we had our friendships and bonds that could overcome any mechanic or DPS burn test.


And that's where I'll stop. Know that every fresh face has that same potential, and that same ability that you have, but they don't have the equipment or knowledge that we do. So teach them! Gain some companions, who knows, there might be the next Tank/Healer/DPS GOD out there who'll hook all the adds, debuff all the bosses, dodge all the red. And you won't get to look back and reminisce on your own experience, your own growth. Because I know all of you who tank with 3 of your DPS bros know deep down, this ain't shit, I've just played the hell out of this game cause I fuckin love it.


There's a lot of brothers and sisters out there who share the same humor, the same wit, the same cockiness, the same banter, and the same slick style we all do. Don't let the CP mask that from you.

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