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How Bethesda helped me and advice for PC

TheElderScrolls10 - How Bethesda helped me and advice for PC

Gaming saved my life 2 Xmas’ ago when I got fallout 4. All I used to play was FPS and sports games and had a ps4 pro for about 3 months, played the hell out of COD and madden but then my wife just to get picked a random ps4 game on Black Friday for $5. Well that game opened me up to the the what video games could be, there was even one part in the game when your traveling through a brain and you get to a place where the characters wife and infant are in the room and how he’s reassuring his wife that things will work out and he didn’t deserve any of that infants love….well I have been there in life…my wife moved with me and our 1 year old son to the city I grew up in but I was a terrible family man…shooting dope daily, getting angry at my family when I was sick, driving high, taking my son on dope runs as he sat in the back and I shot up…I was a fucking piece of dragon shit. Well that moment in the game made me cry and I decided then and there I would change my ways….now it took me many tries and I lost my son, couldn’t be in the same house as him anymore….I went to rehab and then a sober home to live…got up at 415 every morning to take a 2 hour , 3 bus ride trip to work and the same back…not getting back til usually 530-6 then showered because I was a janitor and went to a meeting and did sober house activities and went to bed at 10…I l to mop did this for 6 months and kept records of my meetings, work performance reviews, the child courts even called my sober house manager. I gave them no reason to doubt my ability to be a father again. I got my son back finally and I slipped up a few more times but i finally decided I would stop by just gaming and trying to start some groups for other addict gamers and Veterans with PTSD (I served 8 years and did 2 tours to the Middle East)


I’ve started playing ESO which is good but I just got Skyrim a month ago and I’m completely in awe…it’s simple yet just unexplainably great and I’ve tried the Witcher 3 and got far but never finished, tried gta online, rdr2 online, new COD finished assassins creed odyssey and the Egypt one, got the new one but I got bored but Skyrim had got me. I’m blessed now and I have a disability rating from the VA that allows me to be at home with my son all the time and play lots of video games but still pay the bills and have some extra money for gaming and the kid clothes and the wife dues (shopping for shit we don’t need)

Now it is clear as day the best platform for gaming is a PC and the beyond Skyrim mods are only for PC except one you can get on Xbox…What is a good starting pc at a reasonable price and can I use my 43 inch TCL 5 series for the monitor…I don’t need anything crazy…the ps4 pro graphics are just fine on my tv….can I please have some suggestions? If you read all this thanks for listening to my story, it felt good to get out. Gaming is what keeps me sane. I’m not right and I have PTSD with depression…gaming takes that away. I used to be a junkie and now I don’t even drink because gaming.

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