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How i feel about every game in the series:

TheElderScrolls14 - How i feel about every game in the series:


Please note this concerns the games WITHOUT MODS.

Arena: it was the 1st game in the series but it feels like an alternate universe deal, iconic cities like Winterhold are still there but "Greyhawk" is which suddenly became a fort in Skyrim? Khajit and Argonian look NOTHING like later entries, it's a very very cruel unforgiving game and every city and town looks the same, and covered in fog. The game has lots of fog. Overall not one of my favorites and not much else to say. But do i like it? Yeah. It's old, it's not very fun to play (unless you like a wizard-farmer killing you with a pitchfork for no reason in the dead of night) but you can explore all of Tamriel and see how the series started. It's a game everybody should play at least once.

Daggerfall: The greatest. no seriously, a map the size of Delaware that would take LITERAL real life days to travel, thousands of pre-generated towns and villages and dungeons, it IS what ever tes game should be. it is the ultimate adventuring game. it's just a shame that it's DOS only and is infuriating to play control wise. But it is just so immersive. You can LITERALLY live in the game. You can buy real estate, join guilds, learn languages, go to brothels, buy ships, etc. You can even get sent to court instead of straight to jail ! I really really want a ps5 remake of Daggerfall. I know it will never happen but c'mon. The game is just so good. I mean imagine this you camp outside for several hours and all of a sudden a SOMETHING attacks you ! It could be a golem Or a vampire assassin, but it's pitch black and all you can hear is their audio. The game can be terrifying and i love that, it is extremely challenging too. The game is just a blast and if it didn't have that weird "jerk off the mouse" combat control. It would be perfect. Also climbing? Please come back, we miss you.

Dawnstar/travels: DO YOU GUYS NOT HAVE PHONES?

Redguard: we don't talk about redguard

Battlespire: Lava pit jumping simulator.

Morrowind: You feel like an foreigner, in an alien world, i always loved collecting the books because they had so much to actually tell about the world. You had to ACTUALLY track down the guilds to join them, vampires were a myth in the world you had to hunt down, There was NO fast travel so you had to walk, meaning the world felt bigger then it actually was, which was a good thing! Sadly half the map was the Ashlands, a cruel and empty area with nothing but mountains, and cliffracers..lots of Cliffracers. However The other enemies were so creepy and unique, and ugh i loved it, If the game didn't have awful combat, it would be so much better and more praised. Even the graphics aren't that bad. I mean yeah they look like ps1 models BUT they don't hurt your eyes is what i mean, they are iconically bad ! Overall i love Morrowind and would gladly travel to it again. (But seriously **** Cliffracers)


Oblivion: Home, to me Cyrodill is home. Funny because i always play Breton, but seriously, i love Cyrodill. So much to explore, i love the Daedra and heavily missed them in Skyrim, it's my #1 TES game, i love the bad voice acting and 3 actors, i love the soundtrack, the atmosphere, i love walking around Skingrad or the imperial city market district just looking around, i love the Shivering Isles to death and actually spent 200 in game days in there once as proof. I love how i can spend hours in the Jarrell mountains covered in snow and then end up on the Gold Coast next to the sea an hour later. I love the guilds, i love how i don't feel pressured to do anything, man..i love Oblivion. I could live in that game. Cyrodill is just so great. And Goblins, i love me killing some Goblins. >:) also i once modded Oblivion to the point where it would take roughly an hour to boot up so..anyway the class system felt unique and the bad animations still make me laugh. Is it perfect? No. But is it fun? Yes. Even though it lacks werewolves and the game freezes and has multiple bugs and glitches. I hold Oblivion dearly to my heart. It's a bug ridden and slow with terrible loading times mess that i have fond memories with.

Skyrim: Ugh i want to love Skyrim, like seriously, i modded my game TO DEATH. With around 2734 spells, massive enemy variety, etc but..let's talk about UNMODDED skyrim, ok? Skyrim is great. Skyrim is fun, but skyrim is NOT an RPG game. I have made extensive characters, but They all end up feeling the same. And it's not just that, but i also feel like Skyrim is a LITERAL themepark. "Like oh there's Smuggler's den ! Let's go explore it! " every dungeon feels like a literal attraction to a theme park, the towns and cities are so small and feel like villages moreso then cities, i never feel like im living in Skyrim like Morrowind or Oblivion, i feel like it's one giant theme park. Also every guild makes me their leader within a day,, there is no more hunting for guilds as they always appear as quests, and The Vampires in Skyrim are so disappointing, and the DLC just makes it more evident. In Oblivion you felt like a predator, you felt powerful with significant stat changes and new powers as you got stronger or weaker, in Morrowind you had different vampire families and abilities, in Skyrim? You don't get anything except a lame ability and Sunlight hitting you like a truck, oh and the Vampire Lord which is cool looking but gameplay wise, is just not worth it. But i digress, i miss the off hand spell casting, The archery is fantastic and i love the Dwermer Ruins and Werewolf ability. But it could've been so much more (without mods). Skyrim without mods is just a disappointment, simple as that. A fun game but it's the Fallout 4 of TES.

Online: It's an mmo with so many retcons i can fill a book.

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