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How I would have Made Skyrim: Civil War Factions: Imperials(Loyalists)

TheElderScrolls15 - How I would have Made Skyrim: Civil War Factions: Imperials(Loyalists)

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So, onto the second main faction of this series' version of the Civil War. Like other previous parts, I recommend looking at the Introduction and World as it'll help you understand some basic things. You don't have to, but it helps not make you confused. Anyway. Onto the second main faction of this Civil War. My version of the Imperials, the Loyalists.

Now, the major difference between the Loyalists and the Imperials from the vanilla game, is that the Loyalists are not the Empire. They are citizens who are loyal to the Empire, and are working to make sure that Skyrim does not leave the Empire. They are pretty much just like the Stormcloaks/Traditionalists. The reason for this is to make it feel like the civil war is between the people of the province itself and not a higher authority like the Empire. The reason why the Empire does not aid the Loyalists is because they're too busy making sure the rest of their empire is not crumbling around them due to the aftermath of the Oblivion Crisis(If you're confused, read the Introduction and World). However, the Loyalists are not without aid, as the Blades(who are still very much loyal to the Empire and are not destroyed since it's only been ten years after Oblivion) have been tasked with overseeing the Loyalist cause, and a single Legion of Imperial Soldiers, led by General Tullius has been sent to guard the borders to High Rock and Cyrodiil. Other than that, the Loyalists are on their own.

The loyalists are led by two people. Politically, the leader of the Loyalists is Jarl Elisif the Fair, who after the death of her father, the High King has been suddenly given the responsibility of being Jarl, as well as being the leader of the Loyalist forces. Due to this, and the fact she is very young(around 19) and not properly trained, she is very much susceptible to the "advice" of her Royal Court. She is naive, but caring towards her subjects, and is attempting at making the lives that live within her region of Skyrim are not oppressed. It is due to this, she has sanctioned a Civilian branch of the City guard, a City Watch group of volunteers to make sure that crime is dealt with fast and as efficiently as possible. Out of all the members of her court, she listens to her Court Mage the most, having no idea that said court mage is manipulating her in attempts to further her own goals(Will be expanded on once I get to Dawnguard).

Militarily, the leader of the Loyalists is the Half-Brother of Elisif, Volkhmund Voicebreaker, the Grand Master of the Skyrim Branch of the Blades(Now, yes, this character is completely made up and isn't in the vanilla game whatsoever. However, since Tullius is now watching the border to make sure the Civil War doesn't escalate, I needed someone to run the Loyalists' military operations, and since in this version the Blades still work for the Empire, I thought it was best to add this character in). Volkhmund completely hates the Traditionalists, and is leading the Loyalists more for personal reasons than simply dealing with a Civil conflict. Volkhmund was devastated at the death of the Emperor, and sees how the Empire's continued existence was at the tipping point. In his mind, if he doesn't win this war, not only will the Blades be seen as even more useless since they couldn't even protect the Emperor, and now they can't even deal with a rebelling Jarl. But, the Empire itself might continue to crumble. It is for this reason he is not taking chances, he is merciless to the Traditionalists, and even takes out anger on the Dunmer refugees for even daring to side with Ulfric. He is also a secret worshiper of Sanguine, and has many unpleasant vices and dark desires(he can also use the Voice much like Ulfric, which is why he has the name Voicebreaker).

Now, moving on from the original character(which I hope I didn't make them come off as a Gary Stu), the Loyalists follow the Imperial religion of the Nine Divines, which in Skyrim is headed by the Imperial Church(formally known as the Imperial Cult). While the Loyalist armies mainly worship Divines such as Talos and Stendarr. Most Loyalist citizens worship Arkay, Mara, and Zenithar. Scholars normally revere Julianos, and artists and bards regularly give praise to Dibella. However, much like the Imperial City(or at least in the Lore of the Imperial City), the territory that the Loyalists hold are often kinder to smaller cults. There are even some that have been recognized as official religions. This is in steep contrast with the Traditionalists, who only follow and recognize their old Nordic Religion, as well as the Dunmeri Reclamations.

The smaller factions that are automatically allied with the Loyalists are the Blades, The Order of the Dragon's Blood, The East Empire Trading Company, The Border Legion(Tullius' Legion), and the Wolfblood Society. The smaller factions that would need to be convinced to join the Loyalists are the Orc Strongholds, The Vigilants of Stendarr, the Morthal Vampire Coven, Dragontail Company or the Fighter's Guild(you can't have both), The Mages' Guild and a Tribe of Centaurs. Smaller factions that the Loyalists will hate and will never work with are the Forsworn, Rogue Redguard Pirates, Boethiah Cultists, cultists of Mehrunnes Dagon, and the Dragon Cult


To join the Loyalists, you will need to enlist and go through a test. If you fail the test, you go through mandatory training. The training isn't as long as the Traditionalist training, but will increase your one handed short sword skill, your block skill, your long bow skill and depending on your choice, light armor, medium armor, or heavy armor skill. You will run laps, do target practice and spar with other soldiers, the training is finished once you beat your instructor in a duel. Once you finish the training, or complete the test when you signed up originally, you will become a recruit within the Loyalist Army. Dunmer, Khajiit and Argonians will always go through mandatory training due to not being trusted. If you consistently fail in tasks during training, you're not allowed to join the Loyalists(same goes for the Traditionalists, forgot to mention that).

The ranks within the Loyalists are as followed: You begin as a recruit, and do grunt work until you prove yourself in battle by getting consistently high kill counts in battles, or getting tasks done within a quick time frame(Note: You can actually go through the entire civil war without being promoted once if you don't meet the requirements, or reject any promotion if you do not want it. This is also for the Traditionalists as well). It is after this, you get to choose three roles. Archer, Charger, or Guard. Archer and Charger are practically the exact same as the Traditionalist Archer and Raider, with you on the front lines of defense of a fort or city being stormed and being in the back of open field battles as an archer, and one the front lines of attack of forts and cities and defending special supply carriages as a Charger. However, becoming a Guard is special because it basically allows you to become a Guard of whatever Loyalist controlled city you wish, which changes your role from Soldier, to basically an investigator who solves crimes. Being a Guard is also the only way you can get into the Order of the Dragon's Blood. Unlike the Order of the New Crown, who stop assassination attempts on Traditionalist leaders and nobles. The Order of the Dragon's Blood is basically a city's royal guard/anti-riot position, normally working within the elite inner sections of Loyalist controlled cities while normal guards deal with the rest of the city(the cities would be bigger, with most of the cities having an "inner city" area where the rich live which would be around the size of the original city in vanilla skyrim). Being in the Order has you going against the Redoran Elite. From Archer you become a Scout, which has you infiltrate forts/cities and sabotage it's defenses. From Charger you become a Sieger, which handles Siege weapons like catapults, trebuchets, Ballistas, Siege towers, etc. Then from Scout and Sieger you become an Officer, who organizes/coordinates what forts and cities are attacked, and when and where soldiers attack in open field battles.

It's when you become an Officer, and take at least one city, or if you're a member of the Order of the Dragon's Blood that you get the option to join the Blades, Being in the Blades means you're the same rank as an Officer, has you preform Officer's duties, and has you do go behind enemy lines to conduct in spywork, espionage and assassinations of Traditionalist military leaders, nobles, thanes, etc. Though I will cover the Blades in full in their own entry. Being an Officer, a member of the Order of the Dragon's Blood, or a member of the blades has you able to interact with the nobility of Loyalist territory, and deal with petty, higher class melodrama.

If the Loyalists win the War, and keep Skyrim as a part of the Empire, House Redoran will be chased out of Skyrim and back to Morrowind, where the Border will be on lock down. Traditionalist forces will be broken and scattered, considered as bad as bandits, and as monstrous as the Falmer and will become available to be hunted like dogs for a reward. The Redoran Elite will be hunted down, tortured and killed, the Hlaalu family will be wiped out and Dunmer in general will face even more hardship. The Nordic Pantheon will be considered evil and profane as will the Reclamations. The Imperial Church will spread it's influence in the newly retaken lands of eastern Skyrim and rebuilding will begin. It is not pretty, not whatsoever. You will end the questline as a Veteran, receive a plot of land in any hold and a sum of gold based off of the rank you were when you finished it(Ranks between Recruits, Chargers, Archers, and Guards get between 900 septims and 2,000 septims. Ranks of Scouts and Siegers get 3,000 to 4,000 septims, and ranks of Officer or equal get 5,000 to 8,000 septims). You will then be free to do whatever.

There we go, that's the Loyalists. I hope that was interesting to read. If you disagree with whatever I've said or you have your own ideas, comment down below. Now that I've finished both main sides of the Civil War I'll be moving onto the factions that you can convince to join one side or the other. I'll probably be doing some of them in pairs just to make it go by faster. After that I'll move onto the cities, then after that I'll move onto Daedric questlines. Next time will be the Blades, and best be ready for what I have to say about them, because it's going to be very in dept with interacting with nobility.

(Note: If I have made any spelling/grammar mistakes, please let me know so I can correct them. Thank you in advance)

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